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Microsoft launches new audience network, ‘Audience Ads’ at Bing Partner Summit

The company announced a new display network, the Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN). Though the company has had the “Bing Audience Network,” the new offering brings together a number of elements that weren’t previously available: Bing search-intent signals, Microsoft’s AI capabilities and the Microsoft audience graph. Now, Bing search advertisers will...


Google AdWords Latest Updates 2018

Google AdWords Updates are not frequent like Facebook or Instagram; however, this doesn’t mean they are of less importance. Google has introduced a few improvements to make it more fruitful. Let us have a look at what’s new on Google Adwords? Google introduces more specific custom columns for Ads and...


Buying Behavior of Amazon Customers

Most consumers who use Amazon to shop visit the e-commerce platform at least once a week, according to recent research from Feedvisor. The report was based on data from a survey of 1,576 Amazon shoppers age 18 and older. Prime members comprised 65% of respondents; non-Prime members comprised 35% of respondents. Some 56%...