Avoid Social Media Mistakes To Fly High On The Social Platform

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Every business, whether it is big or small, ready to launch itself on social media or already has presence on it.  Having solid presence on social media has become vital for the business in order to attain worthy benefits of search engine optimization and social media marketing.  However, not everyone able to give necessary momentum to their social media campaign, due to some avoidable mistakes that they do due to the lack of knowledge. Let’s see those mistakes.


Focusing only on promotion not engagement

It is utterly annoying to watch promotional stuff every now and then. If you are showing your services and offers repeatedly, your audience surely going to ignore it. They exist there for communication, engagement and sharing.  Your frequent attempts to promote your service may go wrong for you. Hence, you need to involve with your audience first by posting useful and interesting stuff for them to engage them and establish relationship.  Once you succeed they will surely listen you.

Lack of relevancy

Only enhancing your friend list will not help you render the results that you are expecting. Relevancy is very important while adding friends. Try to add more and more people who directly correlate to your service or offerings.

Imposing your views

Social media is not for imposing your views. Results can be seen only through two-way interaction. Share something which has substance with your community.  People tend to respond. If you don’t respond, they may treat your message as a spam.

Sending same message on various social channels

Each social media channel has its way of functioning and nature of engagement. Facebook marketing is different from Twitter or G+.  Hence, throwing same message in same format on every social channel will not work for you. Therefore, customize your message as per the engagement offered by different social channels.

Following the followers and not focusing on quality interaction

Having thousands of followers but only few are active doesn’t make any sense. You should focus on quality of their interaction.

Doing everything alone

Doing everything by your own may not lead you to move forward. If you are looking to move fast, you should request other to share, re-tweet and spread your message.  Ask people to participate in communication and request them to do some favor for you. Eventually, it all depends on the relation you have with them.

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