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Ranking High On Google? How Is It Impacting Your Online Business?

Congratulations if you are ranking your website on Page 1 of Google’s organic search listings (these start below the four sponsored listings on Google’s search page). That will have taken a lof of effort, experimentation, analytics to arrive at this position right? QUESTION for you: What was the purpose of...

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Google Mobile Rankings : Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) For Supercharged Results

We’ve already seen how Google’s First Mobile Index is going to impact online businesses in terms of ranking for Responsive and non-responsive websites. Taking a step further, Google is also looking at mobile experience fast alongside engaging. With effort to make websites responsive, engaging and conversion focused, web masters use...

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Ready For Google’s First Mobile Index? How Will It Impact Your Website And Online Business?

Have you heard about Google’s First Mobile Index? Yes, they are launching a new version of their search targeted specifically for mobile users/searchers. How can this index impact your online business? Scenario 1: You have thriving business website with lot of traffic coming in via Google search (both desktop and...