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Microsoft launches new audience network, ‘Audience Ads’ at Bing Partner Summit

The company announced a new display network, the Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN). Though the company has had the “Bing Audience Network,” the new offering brings together a number of elements that weren’t previously available: Bing search-intent signals, Microsoft’s AI capabilities and the Microsoft audience graph. Now, Bing search advertisers will...


Google AdWords Latest Updates 2018

Google AdWords Updates are not frequent like Facebook or Instagram; however, this doesn’t mean they are of less importance. Google has introduced a few improvements to make it more fruitful. Let us have a look at what’s new on Google Adwords? Google introduces more specific custom columns for Ads and...


Introducing Facebook’s Next Big Thing: 3D POST

With their content popping off the screen 3D Posts bring the interaction with digital objects to the next level, leveraging users engagement. With the newest Facebooks’ releases, richer and higher-quality 3D content can now be shared with Facebook supporting the industry-standard glTF 2.0 file format with 3D posts. With glTF...