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#HowToZoom DIY Digital Marketing Hacks Video Series

Coming Soon! This Jan, 2019 #HowToZoom DIY Digital Marketing Hacks Video Series Get Your Business Up and Running Online. Stay Tuned! Stay Tuned Jan, 2019! Subscribe to TheZoomYourTraffic YouTube channel get notified. #DIYTips #HowToZoom #HowToZoomOnline #DigitalMarketingTips #OnlineMarketing #SmallBusiness #SEO #GoogleRanking #StarUps #HowToPromoteMyBusiness #HowToAdvertiseOnline


SMBs: How A Business Issue Was Converted Into An Opportunity?

We live in a crowded, complex and competitive world today. Therefore businesses are vying to stay ahead of the curve to serve and deliver to their customers better, all the time. Not just that, they have to constantly innovate, tackle disruptions through constant innovation, improving business experience … all at the...


It’s Time for Local Business to Take Voice Search Seriously

At this year’s Google I/O conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled a brand-new voice assistant, Google Duplex that introduces a new way to carry out “real-world” tasks over the phone, like booking a hair salon appointment or making reservations at a restaurant. The ramifications of technologies like this are many,...


Influencer Marketing – Is It the Next Big Thing?

Influencer marketing have been everywhere in 2017. Is it going to stay here?  Is it worth your time and energy? Well, influencer marketing involves tapping into an existing community of engaged followers on social media. It includes use of key brand advocates to get the word for you to the...