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#WhatsUpOnline July 2019 Newsletter By ZYT 0

#WhatsUpOnline July 2019 Newsletter By ZYT

Welcome to ZoomYourTraffic (ZYT) Monthly WhatsUp Newsletter What’s There For You? • Action- Real business cases • Business- Innovation, new business models, technology implemented • Creative- Latest events & campaigns • Disruption- Market & technology changes & challenges • Educate- Help businesses know online & grow online. WhatsUp For July...


A New Wave of Technology: AI Infused Marketing

Companies have terabytes of customer data, but most of them are using only 10% of what they collect and are unsure how to turn data into sophisticated, personalized cross-channel marketing. Leveraging data enables marketers to present the right offer and the right product to the right prospect. With artificial intelligence, prospects...


Voice Search: Is Your Website Content Ready?

Anything which makes life easier is sure to win popularity. Speaking is obviously more convenient than typing. That’s the reason people have started using voice search on their smartphones or tablets. Impact on SEO The impact of voice-search is far more wide-reaching than it may seem initially. Local businesses need...