Find Out If SEO Is Actually Working For Your Business?

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Customer Questions and Thoughts from Our Marketing & Sales Campaigns answered by Amod Inamdar.
Question: How to know if SEO is helping or hurting your business?
Well, that’s an interesting one.
In most cases SEO will always help if done well on 3 parameters:

  1. Visibility
  2. Lead generation.
  3. Branding

If none of this is happening then it certainly is hurting your business.
Most businesses what they do is they outsource their SEO and hope that results will come. This leads to lot of disappointment later and they feel that SEO is not helping their business. So basically if u take control, if you plan well then SEO will always help, if don’t plan well then it will always hurt.
Another aspect of SEO hurting the business is doing the generic type SEO. So what happens is because you are not planning and focusing your efforts what you tend to happen is you get junk leads, junk traffic, then your marketing, sales team are addressing customers who don’t actually need your service. So their cost, their effort is absolutely sucking into your resources. So isn’t that hurting your system.
So that kind of SEO is hurting your business
Third aspect is more technical in nature which is called negative SEO, but we should not take this into discussion here, probably on different platform where companies are competing each other to damage each other’s reputation that is something can be ignored here. But 95% of companies try to play safe they are doing well, since you mentioned about hurting SEOs I thought mentioning this could help.
So again to summarize, If planned well SEO will always help. If not planned well SEO will always hurt.

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