Google’s Hummingbird: A Concern for Online Marketers?

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On the eve of 15th birthday, Google has unveiled the update of their highly promising new search algorithm. Google named it Hummingbird and the name has been given from its characteristic as being “precise and fast”.  But, what does it mean for online marketing?

IMG_3703.JPG__36_documents__36_total_pages_-600x449As online marketing is being considered as one of the prominent thing for any online campaign at present time, many businesses and online marketers might have concern about this new search algorithm. However, the Google has said that the Hummingbird certainly shows the better results than any other search algorithm ever. In fact, it is an attempt of Google towards providing quality search results to the search engine users. As verbal search getting momentum, many people are asking their queries to the search engine. Along with this, more and more complex searches are coming to the Google. The new update will reduce the effort of Google by understanding complex searches and provide most relevant results to the queries.

However, many factors through which Google was searching the web would remain constant. But with the Hummingbird update you need to consider few essential things while running your online campaign. Before the emergence of Hummingbird, while understanding the search query and delivering the relevant result, the more emphases were given on matching the query with the keywords. Now, the more emphasis would be given on meaning and less to the keywords.

Will it affect SEO?

As per Google’s saying, there is nothing new or different for that the publishers or SEOs need to worry. The only thing need so focus is to have original and high quality content. The signals which were important in the past will remain important as it was. The update only allows Google to process these signals in new ways for delivering the better results.

So, now it is not sufficient to have aesthetically designed website or an article that is highly entertaining. The businesses need to focus on quality content which will appeal closely to the search query with its meaning. Also, the businesses that give more preference to their customers and create quality content to satisfy their needs will certainly have great future.

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