How To Make Your Website Worthy For You?

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If you are thinking that your website is good enough, certainly it is not! It is because for every website there is a scope of improvement. It is hardly find any website that 100% compels visitors to take its desired action. Therefore, there is always room for improvement in any website. Now, the question might have struck in your mind that how to improve a website? To get the answer of this question, figure out the primary goal of your website. Whether it is to encourage your audience to click to promote your website on social media or it is to generate online sale or get prospect to complete a form?

Once you recognized your goal, analyze the path on which your visitors will travel to accomplish your goal. If your goal is to encourage your visitors to call you then your path will be make them visit your home page first, click your service page to manifest your services, click the contact button to show them your phone number and address. The key of success is to improve this path. This path is also known as conversion path. In order to improve your conversion rate you need to improve every aspect or page in your conversion path. Rise in a conversion rate of each page; ultimately increase your overall conversion rate.

Most of the entrepreneurs fail to increase their success rate because they fail to measure the conversion rate of the websites. Whenever they do it, they only focus on overall conversion rate. Here, the entrepreneurs should access the conversion rate for each page and improve those pages to ensure a rise in overall conversion rate.

How to increase the conversion rate for each page?

  • Change your text
  • Modify your fonts and text size
  • Modify the layout of your page and background
  • Add new images
  • Remove clutter and provide lots of white space
  • Fix navigation
  • Show more service/product images
  • Remove multiple call to action
  • Show your social existence

Once you proceed with the above points, track the conversion rate of each of your website’s page on regular basis daily as well as monthly. Make sure there is an improvement in your pages and see how they are performing. Find out which page is not performing well and take necessary actions to improve it. Conversion rate of each page of your website affects the overall conversion rate of your site. Once your monitor and improve your web pages you will improve your conversion rate significantly that resulted in more visitors, competitive advantage and success.

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