Organic Online Promotion

What benefits to expect?

  1. 1. Dominate Google Rankings in your business domain/market.
  2. 2. Maintain Consistent Visibility of your online brand across the web.
  3. 3. Build Website Traffic to orient with your services/products.
  4. 4. Generate Prospects and Relevant Leads through timely communication and improved user connect.
  5. 5. RESULT? - grow your business online at Fraction of a Cost (compared to having a sales team member).
  6. 6. Stand out from the competition.


Key Highlights

  1. 1. Realign your website based on derived strategy with NO extra costs.
  2. 2. Track performance of your website yourself.
  3. 3. LISTEN to your market and develop new services/products.
  4. 4. Keep track of competition. Very important to define your USPs and values to project to your customer.
  5. 5. Customers will find your business, rather than you looking out for customers.

Ranking High On Google?
How Is It Impacting Your Online Business?


What Is Your Choice? Ranking vs Traffic vs Sales?

How ZoomYourTraffic Helps Your Business Grow?

We become a small part of your marketing team striving to grow your business. We believe – Customer wins first, we follow.

Analyze your website to create strategy 

For your business market (audience, service positioning, approach to reach out effectively, identify platforms to promote, design systems for better traffic connect, etc)

Run our campaigns month after month

To ensure website position on web (rankings, visibility, traffic, social signals keep improving) and business (relevant prospects converting into leads for business)

Track performance of your website

Monthly analytics review to be shared/discussed with you for performance of website and various goals set.

Experience and Expertise

Suggest ideas and concepts to expand market scope and new opportunities that online market will throw. (technology, market dynamics, adaptability to change, etc.)

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Talking To Our Customers

Has Going Online Really Helped Their Business?

Find Right SEO Agency

Does your chosen SEO company ensure results for your online business?
This can be easily established if you are empowered to track your website’s performance on your own? As a business owner, we always suggest and advice you to invest time to do this. It will not only empower you to understand your online business better but give you power to dominate your niche with timely business decisions and adaptation as needed, with the help of your SEO company partner.

Demystify Google SEO

User Experience And Responsive Over Keywords and Links

Why Customers Should Be Empowered To Track Their Own Websites And Online Business?

One of the biggest pain point that online marketers face: Customers don't know how to track their website or online performance? resulting in a lack of trust or skepticism about online marketing.

Yet, most marketers "Sell" their online marketing services and products to businesses showing dreams of great ROI and branding. However over period of time, the customer starts sensing disappointments because he is unaware of whats happening and not sure what reports, sent by his marketer, mean to his business?

SEO Starts At The Website Design Level.

Many of us feel that SEO starts after the website is ready. Quite the opposite. It’s like designing a car and then running it live on bumpy roads. What would happen? It may get damaged resulting in high maintenance cost and poor long term performance. Get the point? The car needs to be designed for bumpy roads, tested thoroughly in labs and bumpy on-road tests and then launched for public use.
If this approach is taken, your website is well on its way to become a long term online business identity.

Google SEO

In early days of Google, Search Engine Optimisation included methodologies like link building, keyword based content, guest blogging, social bookmarking, etc. After a bevy of Google updates (Google Panda, Google Penguin, Google Hummingbird - targeted at low content, poor UX websites), these practices are slowly fading out although majority of SEO companies still implement them.

If you are looking for a contemporary and business focused SEO partners, you should carefully evaluate these factors when choosing an online marketing partner. It will have long term impact and results for your online business.

Organic SEO Service

ZoomYourTraffic ensures complete organic (no black hat – if you’d like to know more about risky black hat SEO, please write to us on ) growth and rankings for your website on Google and other search engines.

Google’s search engine algorithm uses a lot of factor to rank your website including you domain age, website page content, website load time, UX, time spent by visitor on site, bounce rate, actions taken during a user session, authority links to your website, social signals, and many more...