What Factors To Evaluate Your SEO Providers?

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Customer Questions and Thoughts from Our Marketing & Sales Campaigns answered by Amod Inamdar.

1. Question:

In our latest interaction, the customer had asked that, why should he trust us to share his login credentials.


Before I answer that every time you log into the Gmail you are sharing your data with them.

And which they are using them for a lot of other purposes. So whom do you trust? We are living in this kind of like market place. Because there is a lot of opportunities, a lot of competition is there.

These issues will always arise. So when you are getting into agreements with agencies take an extra minute to evaluate them carefully.

See because the idea would be to evaluate on a long term basis not short term basis. You don’t want to change your provider provide at least for 6 months or 12 months Right? You will look at the long term. So it makes sense to evaluate them.

So how to do that then?

  1. Talk to their customers that will be the best way. Take a couple of references from them and talk to their customers. And try to get feedback from them on how they are working for them. That would give one.
  2. Second would be doing your own online search, own offline search. Try & establish the agency that you want to sign up with how good their reputation in the market is Right?
  3. Third I would suggest this is a one on one meeting with them at the agency’s place. Yeah. This will help you understand their infrastructure, culture & the team that is going to work on your project.

So once you evaluate this then you should go ahead and sign up that agreement.
Once this is done I feel you should not any issues in trusting them as such.

2. Question:

We do sign-in Non-disclosure agreements with our clients. So do you think that this is a good trust builder?


Indeed. NDA is an international procedure that I think it really helps in getting your clauses in place. So that you can really ensure that data will not be misused. Yeah. So NDA is a wonderful method to build trust in terms of securing your data that is being shared.

Yeah so, NDA absolute must & it will really help customers build that trust. Another important input I would like to give to customers is put in your own clauses when you are signing the agreement you can always push for your clauses as well. You make sure that the logins are set up in such a way that you have the master access & the agency has user access with limits view limited controls. That will ensure going to regain full control. Does that build trust for you? And above all, it’s your instinct. When you talk to people meet them you will get that instinct feeling of whether that agency is right for you or not.

Again as I said, in the beginning, this is about the long term. So you have to give your extra time and then using the instinct to take that calculated risk and go ahead with the agency. Because many times what I have seen is because of this mistrust companies don’t take decisions they delay it which is a loss for a business. Therefore, take your time, evaluate and move ahead.

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