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Future Of Customer Experience Is O2O – Omni Channel And Omni Commerce

2020 and beyond marks the beginning of the new decade – full of opportunities, advancements, and growth. However, the road has its challenges threats and disruptions too. The biggest opportunity and disruption for any business from now on will be “PCX” i.e. Personalized Customer Experience, given their preferences, lifestyle, technology and transactional behavior. Over a time period with changing technology, lifestyle, behavior, customer experience is becoming more personalized across industries? Whether it is B2B or B2C industry.

Question: Moving ahead, how can businesses bring in “PCX” Personalized Customer Experience in their marketing & sales?

Answer: 2020 and beyond is O2O. O2O means Online to offline & vice versa Or Omni Channel To Omni Commerce, which encompasses a variety of audiences across the board to suit the requirements. Make no mistake that your biz may not be catering to a particular age category at this point, but this is what disruption is all about. It can change any time. 20 age group move to 40 age grp move to 60 with changing pattern.

Hence using O2O approach you can ensure growth across this wide spectrum of audience/markets for sustainable growth:

1. Building Sales

2. Building Relationships

3. Establish Future Requirements

Question: What’s new about this O2O? How to ensure these 3 values with the O2O approach?

Answer: Check out a business case study for each of these values with the O2O approach.

Case Study: Building Relationships —– One of our adventure tour clients. They are in the industry for the last 30 years in this biz conducting adventure tours. Now the category of their customers who were in their 20s had started have now moved to the 40s, some started in their 40s have now moved to 60s. Their enthusiasm passion for trekking is there, but their lifestyle, health, etc. has changed. Therefore, the requirements with what their business was doing earlier are miss matching.

To watch detail case study click on this link

Case Study: How To Establish Future Requirements? This is a manufacturing company. With the audience: 20 age group is executive, business managers, 40 age group is mid-management CEOs 60 are with a traditional mindset. So how the varied age group audience preference was addressed using O2O?

To watch detail case study click on this link

Case Study: Building Sales This is an online portal, who deals with 2 & 4 wheeler spare parts.

To watch detail case study click on this link

Note: Please evaluate offline online for each category & build “PCX”.

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