Google page #1 Program

A 100-Day Roadmap for Improved Google Search Rankings | Visibility | Business Impact


google 1st page

Google Page #1 ranking for targeted 10 keywords
(For targeted reach and visibility. We will mutually select set of keywords.)


Improved User Engagement for further
SEO benefits
(And to generate user interest to connect)



Filter / Qualify connects happening
through website
(Reducing your sales/admin costs)


  üValidation of Website URL and Keywords for competiveness 

 ü100% Organic and White Hat SEO (No Grey/Black techniques)

 üWebsite/Landing page optimization based on selected keywords.

 üContent marketing via social media, blogs, forums, content sharing sites…etc. relevant to the business domain.

 üManual work (No bots or spammy schemes)

  üResults tracked on bi-weekly basis on Google and recorded in spreadsheet to view progress.




Answers: We mean top 10 Organic listings on Google search result page.

Answers: We will validate the keywords and URL before starting the SEO work for competitiveness. If we feel it’s doable, we will go ahead. If not, we suggest client with best replacement keywords.

Answers: We have devise this model into two stages:


Stage1: To hit the Top 10 Listings in 100 days

Stage2: To gradually move towards top #3 position


[Getting on top #3 will need complete new approach. Google considers many domain and business authority level factors like orientation of customers, engagement, trust, in depth search compliances ….. Etc.]

Answers: Set up new project to hit Top 3 listings OR Sign up for maintenance of rankings on Page 1.

Answers: 1. Evaluate your existing online marketing efforts to benchmark position and goals
2. Content modifications on website, social and overall digital footprints of the business
3. We may request creation of more content for blogs, articles and maybe some quick videos too
4. We may do some changes on website pages for SEO optimization

Answers: If unable to hit the top page within 100 days, then we will continue working on the project for another 30 days and take mutual decision accordingly.

Answers: Client will provide content based on strategy proposed by us. We will tweak that content for SEO & further promotion purpose.

• Strategic approach rather than just getting started in ad-hoc manner
• Minimum risk for business owners, since initial invest low upfront to establish feasibility of their online business model
• Plan created in collaboration with client’s involvement
• High transparency
• Reasonable.

Let’s Get Started

Let’s Get Started