Social Media

What We Do

We are an affordable social media management agency. We handle your social media so you can have time for your business and life.

From posting regular content to your social profiles, handling the customer engagement, providing comprehensive analytics, to managing your Facebook ad campaigns and blogging, we aim to take social media off your to-do list.

What To Expect From Services
  • Quality content creation & consistent posting, without much supervision.
  • Personalized content creation process for blogs, ads, videos & social media.
  • Best effort from our team to follow your feedback & match the content to your expectations.
  • Fast & reliable support over the email & phone/Skype support as per your package.
  • No hidden fees, pressure for upgrades or any nonsense


  • All the content will be highly relevant to your brand, designed using your wordings, colours, style, etc.
  • All custom branded graphics will be designed in HQ 1080*1080 size.
  • To maintain consistency, same graphics will be posted to all your social channels.
  • All the graphics we design for you will be done using Canva and you can request editing access.
  • In the Regular plan and above, you have the option to review/edit all the content in advance.
  • We generally schedule content 7-10 days in advance.

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time, but we need 30 days’ notice to stop the work and billing. As the nature of our affordable social media marketing service includes scheduling posts well in advance, we have to ask for a 30 days’ notice.

  • Be sure about this. There are NO hidden costs. You only pay what you see. We also do not have any contracts. Billing will be done monthly, and you can cancel your plan anytime.
  • Yes, you can be sure. All the content that we post will be specially crafted for your business by a trained content specialist to engage your audience. Even though we provide affordable social media marketing services, the quality isn’t ‘cheap’.
  • After you order your plan, we’ll ask you a few quick questions about your business. Your answers will help your manager understand what you do, your industry, target audience, brand voice etc. With that information available, your account manager will research your website, previous social media posts, related links and about everything else that is required for our social media posting services. They’ll also email you giving an idea about the content we’ll be posting to get your feedback.
  • Yes, for Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, we’ll need the login details. For other networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, you can make us a ‘manager/editor’ of the page which does not require providing the login details. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, we can send you the link to our social media management software, where you can connect the accounts by yourself. This won’t need us accessing your accounts directly.
  • You can simply upload them to a folder on your Dropbox or Google Drive and share the link with us! We’ll use those in the content.
  • Doing social media management for years now, we have strong internal processes to ensure a quality output.
  • All our staff is trained in social media management and has years of experience in the field.
  • Our editing process is also thorough to ensure that all content is checked by a second pair of eyes before it is published.
  • All the graphics we design for you will be done using Canva and you can request editing access.
  • Yes, we do have 7 days no-questions-asked refund policy for the Starter and Regular plan. If you’re not satisfied with our service within 7 days of your order, we’ll refund the entire amount. No questions asked.
  • Our packages have limited features. Hence, to provide the best results via our services, we highly recommend at least 3 months of continued service.
  • Yes, sure we can. Creating and optimising social media accounts is included in our higher packages.
  • Yes, definitely. You can just send them to your Socinova account manager. Your account manager will schedule them as required.
  • Yes. To maintain consistency over the various social media platforms, we’ll create and post the same content on all networks. But rest assured that the captions i.e. the text of the post will be optimised for certain platforms like Twitter and Instagram.