Our Vision

To enable and empower businesses to leverage information and data technology for connected and contented community.

Our Experience

  1. Helping online community since 2011
  2. Worked for over 300 customers globally
  3. Experience, knowledge to deliver highly dynamic and volatile marketplace

Our Mission

To leverage experience, knowledge, technology and core values to build, manage and support businesses to grow and serve market / people globally.

ZoomYourTraffic Web Solutions (ZYT), was part of its parent company Syscon Software Technologies and Solutions Pvt Ltd. Syscon was founded in 2002 and became private in 2005. ZoomYourTraffic identity was formulated to address all online marketing, promotion and web management business for international online markets.

ZoomYourTraffic successfully built a business model to serve this purpose. From the early days of Google to the online revolution, we have seen it all. Having worked for over 300 customers over the last 9 years, we have developed experience, knowledge to deliver in this highly dynamic and volatile marketplace.

In Dec 2011, ZoomYourTraffic was spun off as an independent business entity. It was named ZoomYourTraffic Web Solutions, a partnership firm (co-owned by partners Mr. Amod Inamdar and Ms. Anagha Inamdar). A stable and well trained team of 30 associates and professionals, we are poised to take our business to next level, the local market.

It is our long term strategy to position in the local market. This has been due to our understanding that the next big marketplace for online business is India. Our US and European customers working with us for over 4 years are growing their online businesses rapidly. We’d like to leverage that experience and benefits to our Indian customers.

Our Online Network