Event Engagement Program (Online)

What To Expect?

Businesses that participate in small events, business exhibitions, product exhibitions, seminars, trade fairs, expo events…etc.

Increase visibility for your business events and exhibitions

How it work?

✔ Pre Event Awareness

• Document all information/branding material related to event.
• Event creation on social media, Invitation posts shared across social media and the website.
• Social media promotion: 15 event themed content.
• Training the businesses’ event representative team during the LIVE event for
• Facebook/YouTube LIVE streaming
• Publishing on platforms with correct tagging
• Data sharing (Photos, updating database in emailer platform)

✔ LIVE Event Connect

• Team member on booth to capture LIVE demos/customer interaction daily
• Update database of signups
• LIVE from event
• Facebook/YouTube LIVE
• Talking to customers
• Product Demos
• Socially promote the LIVE events on social media

✔ Post Event Engagement

• Event Thank you, success posts shared across social media and the website.
• Categorization of signups information captured (offline/online) for future promotion.
• Report analytics for offline marketing campaigns.
• Suggestion report for future events.


Model Evaluate Explore Enterprise
Timeframe 30 days 50 days 100 days
Suitable for Small Events, Exhibitions Product Exhibitions, Seminars Trade Fairs, Expo Events
Pre Yes Yes Yes
LIVE No Yes Yes
Post No Yes Yes
Social Media      
Facebook Yes Yes Yes
LinkedIn Yes Yes Yes
Instagram Yes Yes Yes
YouTube No Yes Yes
Blog No Yes Yes
Google My Business Yes Yes Yes
Connect Media      
Emailers No Yes Yes
SMS No No Yes
WhatsApp No Yes Yes
Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Engagement No Yes Yes
Suggestions Yes Yes Yes

Our Case Study

Veeraja Industries @ IMTEX 2019- Event Promotion

IMTEX 2019 – Event Engagement Program

Mission Diabetes Free India – Dr. Nandedkar – Event Promotion

Mission Diabetes Free India – Dr. Nandedkar – Event Promotion