Online Visibility

A lot of businesses, entrepreneurs and startups do great work, innovate and create ground breaking solutions for day to day problems.

However, because they are not seen or their innovation doesn’t reach people, 90% of them let it slip or continue with the same state of affairs.

As a business, you need visibility for your product, your brand and your overall identity.

With online, increasing that visibility is pretty easy. There are numerous channels available to showcase your product/service and business.

Search engines, social media, article forums, video sites, press publishing are some of the many means to reach out to the audience online.

Within weeks, you can start experiencing visits to your website/online presence leading to interactions and transactions. Thats how your online business starts rolling..

Sounds easy right?

Logically YES, Functionally its a lot harder than you think.

We have seen many businesses that build ton of traffic to their site, only to waste effort on answering irrelevant inquiries and requests. High influx, low output.

We have also seen businesses targeting their desired audience and delivering more than promised. Low Influx, high output.

However, that does not mean high traffic is not expected. It just depends on nature of your business that should determine your approach.

The table below shows this difference

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High Traffic as business driver

  • Online Portals
  • B2C Retail
  • Subscription Services
  • Advertising or Media Services
  • Online Directory Services
  • Free content sites/apps
  • Sites that build valuation based on traffic

Relevant Traffic as business driver

  • All B2B businesses – Mfg, Services, etc
  • Niche Businesses – Consulting, Individual services
  • Specialty Products/Services
  • Technical Businesses

Advantages of planning correct visibility:

  • Improved productivity – Addressing correct request/inquiries, Reduces sales cycle time increasing profits
  • Low strain on admin/sales – Don’t have to orient customer a lot, can talk more about the services
  • Establishing brand value – community building due to similar demographic, search engines establish trends and rank higher