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Online Education Initiatives for Customers

With Lockdowns setting in, Online Education/Learning has gained importance and relevance in the changing times. Classroom trainings, conference room learning and personal coaching have been replaced by their virtual version through of VoIP technology by tools like Zoom Meetings, GoToMeetings and Webex.
Accordingly, we have enabled customer businesses to adopt eLearning as new business models to complement or enhance their growth. 

IFQ Online
A training business (Six Sigma and Quality) is specialized in classroom trainings for over 20 years. With the situation came opportunity to move into online training, self learning and short duration courses. Check here: https://www.ifqindia.com

SCube Education
A healthcare organization wanted to enable mass virtual learning platforms for their field staff, social workers and executives on the move. Using an integrated VoIP system, their learning system is taking shape.

DM School of Astrology
Leading astrologer and psychotherapist, Dolly Manghat, runs her online consulting and coaching business. This period brought opportunities to reach her subscribers and fans via eBooks and eCourses. https://www.dollymanghat.com