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3 Steps Strategy For How To Qualify Your B2B Leads?

3 Steps Strategy For How To Qualify Your B2B Leads?

Hi Everyone!
As a B2B marketer all of us are really willing to give up our foot & leg for qualified leads isn’t it? Yes, that’s an industry-wide issue that we tend to get the junk or irrelevant leads which leads us to absolutely nowhere. It hampers our targets, hampers our goals and most importantly our business suffers.
So what we try to do is create a 3 Steps Strategy to Build towards Qualification of Leads. I’m going to try to share with you and see whether it works for you.

Step 1 – Online Qualification:
Let’s say you are generating leads to a business via your business website where people fill up forms and then you follow-up with leads, most of the businesses do it this way with the online channels. Now with this, the process could be

Part1: To ensure that you’re online channels are correctly orienting the customer so that only valued leads are coming up. Which means you can add fields in your form to capture information which would tell you more about the customer and his requirements. The more areas he fills the better you are in a position to identify the customer and his requirements as well. You might ask that by adding more fields are we losing out on the opportunity that the customer might say oh it’s a big form, he may not fill up. That’s where the balance is important. So you create your forms in such a way that it’s not too long not too short. But it’s done & it’s capturing the right information. This is where you will need expert help to help you build those forms.

Part2: Once you get the lead you want to qualify the person who has connected and their requirement. To qualify the person you can use online platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook so you can actually go and see that person, check his profile, designation, what the level of thought he has. Yes, that would give you a good insight into whether that person is a relevant person trying to connect to you for the inquiry. Next would be to identify their requirement. So that kind of information that has put up on the forms you can try and judge whether their requirements are matching with what solution you can provide. That would give you the first level of establishment of a) the customer who has written it to you and b) what kind of requirement he has.

Step 2 – Correct Qualification:
Once you have got this information from him you can connect back to the customer, by phone, e-mail, and WhatsApp anyway of your choice which is comfortable to you and to the person. Request with him that whatever information he had filled is correct, was by him or by someone else because it happens in most cases that someone else might fill up on behalf of someone else.

So establishing and reaching the right person who has placed that inquiry or had placed that lead or putting information on your website is very important because then you tend to talk to many people and eventually you find out that there’s someone X who’s sitting somewhere else who had an inquiry and someone Y person has filled it. In many cases, we also see the people even deny that lead was filled by them that form was filled by them. So this leads into disqualification of leads, where actually requirements could be there.
That kind of exploration would be very important and essential and I myself connect established with the right person then using the BANT qualification as we say BUDGET, AUTHORITY, NEED and TIME, based on these four factors to try to rate that LEAD that gives us some insight into the real need of the requirement, the authority person, the time need for that project, on how fast they want to get started and of course their budget requirements if any.

Step 3 – Orientation Qualification:
This is the most crucial aspect. You have understood his requirements understood the person. But, whether he has understood your solution that is equally important in establishing the qualification of the lead. In many cases, we’ve seen what the customer is requesting, what solution we have to offer there is a mismatch or it needs a lot of rework, a lot of reorientation needs to be done to create that solution for his requirement.
Now, this is very essential that you reconnect with him, orient him, ideate with him and come out a general consensus that whether his requirements and our solution are making a match. Once this happens then we can say this is a qualified lead. This is not a sale remember this. It’s a completely different story whether we are going to make a sale I’ve ever.

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