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How To Plan Your SEO Campaigns For Leads, Sales And Online Branding?

How To Plan Your SEO Campaigns For Leads, Sales And Online Branding?

Hello Everyone!
A lot of people ask me this question when I meet them, what is the basic principles of SEO success?
And the reason is that they have either burned cash, trying to experiment or work with agencies or outsourced providers or themselves & not being able to achieve real, long term business benefits using online marketing.
In this video, I’m going to tell you 3 Key Principles to effectively used to make your SEO campaigns successful & work for your online business.

1) Think Long Term:
This is the most fundamental mistake most businesses make. They look at online marketing as a quick fix, a quick result driven, a quick money rich kind of an approach. So that once you put money online you get a major business. But in that kind of an approach you will always see results coming in bursts & actually do really well, sometimes will not do well & then you really analyze it for a period of time, you will find that you actually lost money rather than making it. Therefore having a long term vision is very crucial.
Take the help of experts to really understand how to plan for the long term & make sure there are campaigns 12/24 months. This is very important. Because only then you will be able to see real online growth for your business.

2) Be Adaptive:
Now I may have the longer vision, but if I am not adaptive, I will panic too soon & I’ve seen customers panicking within 3-4 months of the campaign & hey nothing is happening, nothing is working for me. What to do? And I’m losing money.
Well, that’s where the adaptive approach is very crucial. Market place & competition is changing, technology is changing real fast & therefore if you be very rigid in your campaigns the chances of you panicking soon will be high.
As an example, I’ve seen so many customers come to me & say hey Amod I used to get a lot of traffic visitors from Google 3 years ago, but today nothing is happening.
So my counter question to them was OK, what kind of changes you have made to your campaign? They said NO, we do the same things that we did.
So how are new results going to come out? Because Google has moved ahead, their search algorithms, their metrology of evaluating websites has tremendously changed. Your competition is coming, they have adapted, they have made the changes & that’s why they’re doing better than you.
That is why being adaptable is very crucial. You need to be able to adapt to the market, to competition & technology at the same time. A lot of productive this thing is learning is about unlearning as well. You need to be able to unlearn a lot of things & adapt to new things. We will have a separate video on this aspect coming soon. So being adaptive is the way to move ahead.

3) Having The Right Support:
Now in most cases businesses either stop their campaigns on their own for lack of resources or they have the technical expertise to do it or they feel that they can be managed in-house for the right results or they outsourced it to 3rd party agency or freelancer considering that they know the game & the marketing will yield results. However in most cases which has been observed that over a period of time when the evaluation is done the desired or the perceived goals or objectives are not met.
And this is where having the right support is crucial, because in the market what we really see is there are more packaged solutions available around for e.g. you create a social media or Google ranking or generate XYZ traffic kind of packages.
So it’s all getting packaged type, with no overall br& value or business value happening. Therefore you need the right support to think in an integrated manner on how platforms, which media, what strategy is going to work for you. And you as a business have to be a very key part of that discussion. Now once the goals are set you & your supporting team will work on that road map. Keep evaluating from time to time, be adaptive & achieve long term results for your business.

Key aspects to select support team:
a) Integrity is very important & grossly overlooked by businesses very unfortunate
b) Reliability in terms of how they’ve done? What kind of work has happened? What kind of results have been achieved in the market, reputation, etc.
c) Bottom line whether they can deliver on your goals.
You need to evaluate them. That’s why give that time in selecting your support partner.
Don’t rush. Underst& whether your vision matches theirs, energies match. Once that happens then you will see the results coming in.

So those were my 3 principles to apply to the business to get started online or want to really drive business results using online marketing.

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