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2020 Year Of O2O- B2B Industry Case Study How To Establish Future Requirements?

B2B Industry Case Study How To Establish Future Requirements?

Question: One critical point customers ask during sales meetings, how to establish future requirements?

Amod: That’s an interesting one. For this I will take an example of the B2B industry traditional B2B manufacturing industry and the manufacturing industry is going through a paradigm change. IoT, industry 4.0 is the new mantra. But traditionally the businesses have been marketing in the same way over the years. So when this business came to us two years ago, the first thing we did was tried to understand how the audiences are changing? And so that where that bifurcation between various age segments we did and we found that in this industry a lot of new young blood is coming up taking very important decision making roles business executives, so far of them speed is very crucial to improve productivity and efficiency and looking for products & solutions that can plug-in into their assembly lines, workshops so they can really drive their growth.

Amod: So if we create custom solutions for this segment of audiences they will think twice about buying from you and hence creating B2B e-commerce scenarios for them is very suitable for them. And this is exactly what we have been working on to create products, out of solutions so that they become over the counter of things for this audience so that they can make buying decisions really quickly and get rid of the productivity & growth zone fast.

Amod: Move one level up the mid-management where the VPs, and to general managers, even CEOs. They are looking at growth, looking at more security & more long term. For them custom solutions are important, they are ready to invest. So for them showing them solutions, the value of the solution becomes important. So creating those kinds of digital presence ROI calculators, apps or 3Dmodelling. Digital demonstrations that kind of builds the trust. And then once they see the value out of it, they are ready to make investments. So that positioning can be done.

Amod: Move one level further up. OK. They are traditional founders of the businesses & who have run their business traditional way, meetups, events. These are important & are fundamentals remember they have been able to run the business successfully for 40 years, with these fundamentals right? So these fundamentals are still very, very important.

Amod: To create these experiences even on digital platforms. Create a kind of mix, sponsoring event ads through digital. Meet your customers meet them, Even the brochures even work, work like anything with this specific audience. And then slowly they can be, I wouldn’t say, educated, but can be shown how the industry is changing by videos, documentation, blogs. So they can read out and make those changes for their industry.

Amod: So with this business, we’ve been able to tackle all these 3 segment audiences and results have been phenomenal. And so many new business opportunities are coming just by try making these changes.

Amod: So that’s how futuristically, how generations are changing, how the industry is changing? This becomes very important to capture & position yourself accordingly.

Trupti: Questions: Any tips for the B2B industry?
Amod: Oh, of course, whether businesses, small or big. Some of these tips are good enough.
Tips For Establishing Future Requirements:
For the Young Age group Audience:

  • Run mobile-based surveys to establish future requirements
    For Mid-age group Audience
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Reporting
    For Senior age group Audience
  • Build awareness of next-generation, using email/messaging platforms
    Note: Please evaluate your audience with offline online pointers for each category to build personalized customer experience.

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Zoom Meeting – Is This Crisis Or Opportunity For Manufacturing SMEs?

This zoom meeting is to discuss and address small business challenges of managing through current global economy crisis.

[Trupti] : Talking about the manufacturing industry already we are seeing the market was slow. And currently we get to hear that with the zero GDP and with more than four weeks of lock down there has come a big slowdown in the manufacturing industry. Question : So how can SMBs, especially in the manufacturing industry can turn around this situation?

[Amod] : I mean, the situation seems to be really grim as projected, but I think this could actually be a very good blessing in disguise for our industries. Because the first and foremost thing that is to be looked at is the China factor. Our biggest threat was China and China was absolutely dominating the manufacturing domain. But with this current situation, with corona virus coming out of China, there is a a lot of negative sentiment about China. And I guess the global business community has really understood and identified that focusing only in one market, or depending totally on one market for manufacturing is going to be a big risk, as we have all found out. Yeah. Hence the global community is definitely now going to look at other options to invest or set their basis. This exactly becomes the huge opportunity for India. If we really are able to create that kind of infrastructure, ease of doing business and enable our businesses to function smoothly with manutention and those things team, then this can really be the biggest push that our industry needed. And therefore, instead of looking at this as a painful situation, you should be looking forward to the possibilities that can arise out of this. Again if you are ready.

[Trupti] : Yes Question : How can manufacturing business transform themselves to digital to turn around this situation?

[Amod] : Now moving from these lock-downs then there will be partial lock downs and then there will be a release and this is going to take time, right? So then in such cases, what needs to be done, most businesses will actually look at the digital ways of transforming their businesses in any case, because there are going to be a lot of labor laws coming in. Then lot of position of labor is going to happen. Traveling of labor from one place to another. There will lot of regulations there. This would be a disruption for something there. So for businesses to function smoothly. If they are very labor dependent they are going to face further problems. Therefore with digitization what business can really achieve is a smooth functioning with all the regulations in place, smooth functioning of businesses can happen to digitization.

General trends for manufacturing industry moving ahead:
– IOT and AI – for manufacturing processes, production and performance
– Digital Automation
– for independence and effectiveness
– Digital modelling
– 3d, AR/VR presentations for marketing
– Digital marketing solutions
– O2O, Account Based Marketing, integrated CRMs
– Remote guided operations.

This is how business can really look at the transforming themselves digitally. It’s a investment upfront, but this investment will definitely pay in the long term. Especially with manufacturing industries in India, which are more labor intensive and with localization of most businesses happening now. That seems to be the way forward to go.