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How To Deal With Bad/Negative Reviews Effectively?

How To Deal With Bad/Negative Reviews Effectively?

Hello everyone.
Are you an e-commerce business?
Then you will definitely understand the importance of reviews, which customers give you when they buy products from you. I’m sure all of us face negative or bad reviews.
How to deal with them? Do you deal with them? It’s very important.
So in this video, we’re going to see a few tips on how to deal with bad reviews effectively?

Step 1: Authenticate The Reviewer:
• Now what I mean here is first try and establish whether the reviewer has actually made a purchase from you. Many times what happens is businesses feel oh we got a bad review, now that’s either ignore. No, don’t do that.
• First, establish the identity of the reviewer. See if he has genuinely brought from your store. Check it with your sales team. And try to establish whether the person who is giving the review is a genuine buyer from your store.
• There have also been cases of negative SEO where in competitors actually write reviews against you to put your brand name down.
Therefore it’s very important. In step one. You authenticate the reviewer.

Step 2: Relevancy of the review.
95% of cases you will see reviews like worst experience or bad service. Isn’t it?
These are not reviews these are emotional outbursts of clients based on an incident or a problem that occurred when they were making that purchase or with your team member when they’re buying from your store.

Now addressing these reviews become tricky because you actually don’t know what the problem is. They have just given up a statement. So, therefore, it becomes critical to address it very carefully which I will be covering in Step 3.
But as far as possible if reviews like bad service or poor experience come up don’t treat them as negative. Other customers are smart enough to understand that these are emotional outbursts.
Yes, it’s very important that if the customer has a spelled out specific problem he has given details of where the bad experience was, these reviews are the ones which are very very relevant and then you can answer to them very specifically.

Step 3: Always Start With An Apology And End With Integrity
This is the most crucial step in the process.
• Start with an apology. Be unconditional Be real. Because customers are very smart to identify the artificial from the real. You shouldn’t mean you are sorry you should mean why you’re saying sorry to him for that bad experience.
• That’s why ending with integrity is very crucial because you are responding to that specific issue that you mentioned and showing real concern about making those changes into your business to make that experience good when either he comes again or a new customer comes on board. That integrity when you write a response will be clearly visible to him.
That’s why. Step number three starts with an apology and end with integrity.

I hope this was useful to you. If you have any questions please write to us on the email shown on the screen. And I look forward to talking to you in our future videos. Until then Bye Bye.

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