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3 Reasons Why You Are Facing Google Penalties?

3 Reasons Why You Are Facing Google Penalties?

In this video, I’m going to explain,
Why Google is penalizing your Website?
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So let’s get started.

Google penalties is something that needs to be understood very carefully. A penalty will only be applied when something goes against their policy terms. Otherwise, there’s been no penalty. So need to carefully understand, if there any violation of any term, policy or guidelines that Google has provided.
So let’s get 3 such instances where this one issue can happen and then you could be penalized and if you can review these 3 instances, you can make the recovery that is needed.
1) Avoid Any Violation
This is because once you are penalized, retaining back is very difficult. You may appeal to Google, but you don’t know when they are going to respond. So be careful & plan on how you want to really plan your campaigns so that you will never face penalties.
i) Link farms or content farms. This has been one of the primary areas where Google has really targeted and focused on wiping out websites that have this issue. In the early 2000s and even coming back, this was around but was very useful. People made millions of $ using these kinds of schemes. It doesn’t work anymore, but surprisingly it is still being practiced.
Google is getting very strict on these things. So if you have gotten into any of these link building schemes or content farms links, where you pay, make reciprocal links, 3rd Party links, avoid them because they are extremely irrelevant and the no. of links definitely not help you rank.

You need to build relevant links. A link is basically a continuation of experience according to me. So you read a snippet you say click here and for more information click here, go to that page, should be a continuation of what we are reading already. Then it’s going to create value. If not then it’s absolutely no value. And if you are indulging in these kinds of practices, its certainly advise please stop it right now and get all those links clear.
In cases, you have used 3rd parties request them to remove it. If done it yourself try to remove them yourself. So, link & content farms are absolute no.

2) Clickbait
Clickbait is another area which is against Google guidelines. This means that you actually create a buzz by creating snippets of text like, hey this is something exciting please watch right now. Don’t miss it. But when you actually click it opens up some scrappy stuff with the few images and it just really disrupts the expert. In some cases it’s not even relevant to what you’re trying to say, this is just called a click-bait and generally done to improve visitor traffic to the website.
If that happens, Google is so smart enough now to understand that you are just trying to build traffic to your Website. This is going to really attract a penalty.

In some cases, its seen websites have been being de-indexed and this absolute no chance of reviving them after that. So be careful with click baits and do not fall for it, if you are already done that then its’ definitely advise going on the recovery mode right away before Google actually identifies it & penalizes your website.

3) Duplicate Content.
This is another area that you have to really guard against. A lot of webmasters for themselves and their customer’s projects in the haste of building traffic, rankings build content based on keywords and repeat it on multiple pages or build pages for variation of keywords.
For e.g. having a page for 4, 6 & 8 wheeler trucks with same content just a few changes here and there. This is a serious duplicate content. You may want to have different pages type of trucks, but the content, tags, meta content on them must be unique, their tags, meta content must be unique. Basically, the idea is to build value from the page. Are they going to add value to the reader? If that’s the case, then only those pages are going to be ranked well. However if Google spots these multiple pages with the same content, then definitely duplicate penalty going to arise.

So those were 3 areas where Google penalties can be applied. There are many other areas where Google can still penalize if there’s a violation of the guidelines.
Therefore my suggestion to all webmasters, SEOs to ensure to follow the Google guidelines carefully.
Build awareness, read documentation, probably learn from experts and try to understand what works, and what doesn’t.

The recovery from penalization can be extremely tough. It’s basically forewarned is forearmed and prevention is always better than cure.
So work on that principle and your website will never have Google penalties that keep happening from time to time to websites.

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