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How To Effectively Answer Client’s Tricky Questions During SEO Meetings?

How To Effectively Answer Client’s Tricky Questions During SEO Meetings?

Hello Everyone!
As an SEO marketer and salesperson, I meet a lot of customers every day and it is invariably found out that there are 3 questions that pop-up in most meetings.

In this video, we’re going to look at three such questions and how to effectively handle them to come up with successful outcomes.
1) Google Rankings
Most customers start with meetings by saying they’re my previous agency was not able to deliver on the Google rankings that they had promised and how do you intend to deliver on that one?

If the meeting starts on this note, it indicates a lot of education needs to be done with clients. Start asking questions in terms of their objectives? why did they want to make the Google rankings? What is the purpose?

In most cases, the purpose is to generate leads and business for them.
But then is Google ranking the only way to do it? But since they have heard from friends, their experience tells them that once we have Google rankings we are going to have a business. On their part, it’s very fair.

But as an SEO marketer, it’s our job, it’s our duty to educate them to understand the link between Google rankings, right traffic and lead generation, lead qualification and eventual sales.
Therefore education with the customer when such a question comes up is very important.

2) How Is Your Program Different From Other Agencies?
This question also pops up and also shows that the customer is trying to create benchmarking to decide whom they want to go.? This is fair in a way but again, a comparative approach will not work. Your methodologies differ, your approaches differ. What’s more important is understanding the customer’s vision and objectives and then be able to apply through your methodology to achieve that.

Don’t try to compare other programs with yours. Your conviction of really achieving set goals to deliver, what promises you make can be fulfilled should be really understood by the customer. Only then the comparison will stop. Otherwise, he’s going to rise from your meeting into another one to look for comparative options. Make your proposition unique.

3) Pricing
99% of projects boil down to this factor – Pricing Plans. This X-agency has given me A price, Y has B and yours say C which is 5 times more than what the others. Why is that? Understand clearly that probably you have not been able to educate your customer by now. This is a very really good indicator. This also calls for another round with customer, share good case studies, good examples of similar projects that you have done with delivered results.
customers will have budgets, but then ideally he should say – “This is my budget and now how can we achieve these objectives?”

That’s the one where you can then align, probably stage it or break it into parts or just focus on the few areas. Way to go. By comparing with An agency and B agency will not serve any purpose.
Once these are answered confidently, you are on your way to sign the contract with your customers.

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