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2020 Year Of O2O- B2C Industry Case Study How To Build Customer Relationships?

2020 Year Of O2O- B2C Industry Case Study How To Build Customer Relationships?

This case study is of adventure trekking company. So they are in this business for last 30 years. Our analytics team has found, out that 30 to 40 percent of the website visitors are all 50 and 60 age groups visiting our website, spending substantial time but not taking any action, neither booking any treks and this trend continued for few months.

Then our sales team connected with all the audiences from our CRM platform via phone and then ask them for inputs and the feedback on the website and on the treks.

So the two major concerns that came up from this conversation were:
A) They found out that the trek information, mentioned on the website is more relevant to a younger audience. The treks were not applicable or suitable for them. And.
B) The second major concern was online payment. They were worried about whether the transaction is safe and secure.

So with this input, we changed our entire communication strategy online. So trek information was changed in a way where these age groups got to know which treks are suitable for them. And then lots of campaigns were created, via WhatsApp, phone calls, personal meet seminars & events. Where they were educated about how doing online transactions is safe.

So this way and slowly started seeing a lot of online bookings happening, from this age group. So they were happy. They not only refereed treks to their friends but now they are coming up in groups.
This not only helped building relationships but also improve sales.

Tips For Building Relationships.
For the Young Age group Audience:

  • Consistent connect via Social Media platforms.
    For Mid-age group Audience
  • Focus on “Trust & Security”
  • Use CRMs for consistent & integrated connect
    For Senior age group Audience
  • Create channels for personal connects
  • Engage this audience with social meets & events.
    Note: Please evaluate your audience with offline online pointers for each category to build personalized customer experience.

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