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Website Security Important Update

Hi All
As if Corona was not enough for us humans, even websites are being attached by viruses and malware lately. This is due to the tremendous growth in online traffic over last few weeks on account of lockdowns and quarantines.

if you have a WordPress/Magento/Shopify/any CMS based website, please ensure the following:
 – All security checks/features are in place on the server side
 – Enable HTTPS on your website for a safe brand experience for your customers
 – Remove/Inspect open source plugins/themese used on your website – they may be gateway for malware
 – Schedule scan of your website with your hosting provider (and do this frequently)
 – Contact your hosting support or tech partner in case you see any abnormal activity on your website or server.

ZoomYourTraffic.com will keep you updated on issues/problems to your digital presence due to the Covid-19 situation from time to time.  

Lets stay safe indoors. Lets keep our websites safe too.

Team ZoomyourTraffic