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3 Ways To Keep Your Website Safe/Secure From Malware

3 Ways To Keep Your Website Safe/Secure From Malware

Hello Everyone,
Are these some of the issues that your website is facing?
a) Getting junk e-mails from your Web site forums.
b) Getting malware injected into a Web site pages and some gibberish texts show them on your web pages Or some of them they just don’t open up at all or they get connected to some other Web sites.
Then your site could be seriously infected.

I’m going to tell you 3 ways of how these issues can be rectified so that they don’t harm your online business.
1) Having the Right Server:
Now, most businesses outsource this activity to their website developer who has been given the complete responsibility of hosting the web site, the emails, etc.

As a customer, you really need to know the configuration of the server, kind of settings up there to protect their website.
Most Websites are on shared servers which means there are multiple sites on the same server. One site gets infected by a virus or a malware chance of getting infected into your site as well is possible. That is why getting that right server is very crucial.

Talk to your website developer today, talk to your hosting partner today and understand the configuration. Make sure there are sufficient security measures in place which we will be talking about in one of our #HowTo videos coming soon, that are needed to put up on your website as a checklist to ensure spam emails don’t come or malicious malware are arrested. So choosing that right server is so very crucial.

2) Design Basics :
Get your developers to design a Website with sufficient security checks.
For example:
• Writing very tight security codes,
• Having required https:// codes in place
• Having captcha buttons on your forms.

To ensure that these basic malware issues do tuck up.
Of course, there are rampant and too sophisticated advanced malware programs around which can create a good site. But with these design aspects, you can really at one level make your website safe and secure.

3) The Backend Support:
Now in case all the security measures and checks in place, there is still a malware attack, a virus attack or spam e-mails coming up on your Website.

Then what you need to do is to ensure that you have your back end system in place to address that problem immediately. It can happen, since its real world, there are attacks happening all the time across the globe. So if your website were to go down instead of panicking it would be right to immediately raise a ticket with your hosting partner and get them to clean the malware, to clean malicious code that has been injected on your website.

Some of these if you plan it very well, your hosting plan will cover up charges involved, in some cases, you may have to pay extra to get those malicious codes or removed & clean. Make sure you plan this when you’re budgeting for your website and server.

This will definitely ensure that their business does not go down or goes down for a minimal time. This is so crucial for online business.
So those were my 3 inputs for all businesses when working on their site security at a preliminary level. This is where as a business you can manage or observe or supervise it accurately at your level itself. There are high-end issues that need to tackle at the server or at developers.

But these are 3 things that you can really monitor yourself and make sure that your website is always up and growing for your business.

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