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2020 Year Of O2O- B2C Industry Case Study How To Build Customer Relationships?

2020 Year Of O2O- B2C Industry Case Study How To Build Customer Relationships?

This case study is of adventure trekking company. So they are in this business for last 30 years. Our analytics team has found, out that 30 to 40 percent of the website visitors are all 50 and 60 age groups visiting our website, spending substantial time but not taking any action, neither booking any treks and this trend continued for few months.

Then our sales team connected with all the audiences from our CRM platform via phone and then ask them for inputs and the feedback on the website and on the treks.

So the two major concerns that came up from this conversation were:
A) They found out that the trek information, mentioned on the website is more relevant to a younger audience. The treks were not applicable or suitable for them. And.
B) The second major concern was online payment. They were worried about whether the transaction is safe and secure.

So with this input, we changed our entire communication strategy online. So trek information was changed in a way where these age groups got to know which treks are suitable for them. And then lots of campaigns were created, via WhatsApp, phone calls, personal meet seminars & events. Where they were educated about how doing online transactions is safe.

So this way and slowly started seeing a lot of online bookings happening, from this age group. So they were happy. They not only refereed treks to their friends but now they are coming up in groups.
This not only helped building relationships but also improve sales.

Tips For Building Relationships.
For the Young Age group Audience:

  • Consistent connect via Social Media platforms.
    For Mid-age group Audience
  • Focus on “Trust & Security”
  • Use CRMs for consistent & integrated connect
    For Senior age group Audience
  • Create channels for personal connects
  • Engage this audience with social meets & events.
    Note: Please evaluate your audience with offline online pointers for each category to build personalized customer experience.

To Know About O2O click on this link https://youtu.be/OGQ9CtFAOe4
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Happy New Year 2020 - Future Of Customer Experience Is O2O

Happy New Year 2020 – Future Of Customer Experience Is O2O

Happy New Year!
2020 marks the beginning of the new decade- full of opportunities, advancements, and growth. However, the road has its challenges threats and disruptions too.
The biggest opportunity and disruption for any business from now on will be “PCX” i.e. Personalised Customer Experience, given their preferences, lifestyle, technology and transactional behavior.
Over a time period with changing technology, lifestyle, behavior, customer experience is becoming more personalized across industries? Whether it is B2B or B2C industry.

Question: Moving ahead, how can businesses bring in “PCX” Personalised Customer Experience in their marketing & sales?
Answer: 2020 Year Of O2O.
O2O means Online to offline & vice versa Or Omnichannel To Omni Commerce, which encompasses a variety of audiences across the board to suit the requirements. Make no mistake that your biz may not be catering to a particular age category at this point, but this is what disruption is all about. It can change any date. 20 age group move to 40 age grp move to 60 with changing pattern. Hence the biz using O2O approach you can ensure-

  1. Building Sales 2. Building Relationships 3. Establish Future Requirements
    Across this wide spectrum of an audience for sustainable growth.

Question: What’s new about this O2O? How to ensure these 3 values with the O2O approach?
Check out a business case study for each of these values with the O2O approach.

——-Case Study: Building Relationships—–
One of our adventure tour clients. They are in the industry for the last 30 years in this biz conducting adventure tours. Now the category of their customers who were in their 20s had started have now moved to the 40s, some started in their 40s have now moved to 60s. Their enthusiasm passion for trekking is there, but their lifestyle, health, etc. has changed.
Therefore the requirements with what their business was doing earlier are miss matching.
To watch detail case study click on this link https://youtu.be/bf07b8oRf6o

——-Case Study: How To Establish Future Requirements?
This is a manufacturing company. With the audience: 20 age group is executive, business managers, 40 age group is mid-management CEOs 60 are with a traditional mindset.
So how the varied age group audience preference was addressed using O2O?
To watch detail case study click on this link https://youtu.be/S9fwhQpprBs

—–Case Study: Building Sales
This is an online portal, who deals with 2 & 4 wheeler spare parts.
To watch detail case study click on this link https://youtu.be/M_IOnh9Qesw
Note: Please evaluate offline online for each category & build “PCX”.

Feel free to share your ideas & views about O2O ts or email us @ business@zoomyourtraffic.com
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How WhatsApp Engagement Campaigns Are Helpful For B2B Customers?

How WhatsApp Engagement Campaigns Are Helpful For B2B Customers?

1) Our biggest learning in this exercise was our findings that
“People now prefer to read messages via WhatsApp over email.”
That’s a very important and critical input for our business. e-Mail is generally confined to laptops and office-based scenarios whereas  WhatsApp is a mobile-driven messaging system and in today’s world when people are on the move all the time, communication on the fly is very important.
Therefore this transition was definitely not unexpected. But now once we’ve realized through our campaigns it makes a hell of a lot more important that we really focus on this aspect and start building our messaging which is more of WhatsApp oriented which will really deliver on time and reach the customer’s inbox right away.
2) The second most important observation that we found on WhatsApp was “The messaging was more direct as opposed to email which was more indirect.”
What I mean by direct messaging was the responses were more in terms of decision making or action-oriented. For example: let’s meet or lets discuss on a call or when can we start with this project or when can we connect to discuss this further. Whereas on e-mail it was more of OK send us more information. Can you send me some examples of your work? So these are more indirect.
So with WhatsApp what the observed was people were more eager, more action-oriented when it came to messaging via this medium. Therefore it also helped us in speeding up communication and decisions on projects. Isn’t that powerful?
3) The very fascinating aspect of WhatsApp is it’s ability to immediately notify you that whether your messages have been sent, whether they’ve been received and when that read using those gray and blue checkmarks, right?
Now this is so powerful as a business to understand ,who is reading your messages, who is ignoring them, what times they’re reading those messages this become such an important data as a business to know and categorize the customers on what kind of content has been read when it’s been read, who is reading it. And then you can realign or re-categorize your content to send out specific content to specific groups at specific times so that you can really develop an engagement and again improve on your decision making Get your customers so engage they want to talk to you.
So using this WhatsApp platform we have were able to understand and learn a lot of things.
The learning is always on and you are really learning new fascinating aspects using this program which we will keep on sharing with you in the coming days and months.
If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please write to us on the email @ business@zoomyourtraffic.com or in the comments section below.
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3 Insights To Follow While Evaluating SEO Pricing Plans

3 Insights To Follow While Evaluating SEO Pricing Plans

Hello everyone.
Are you trying to start SEO program and evaluating different pricing plans from other agencies?
Then in this video, I’m going to give you insights or 3 don’ts that you should follow when you are evaluating SEO pricing plans. Let’s get started.
1) Do not compromise on the goals or the objectives that we have set for the program. Because if you do for the sake of saving cost and money then eventually it’s not going to give you the right inputs and it’s going to leave everyone disappointment.
Therefore without compromising on the goals you need to work how on SEO agreements in such a way that your costs are correctly planned and the goals are eventually staged probably to meet up your long term goals.
So therefore do not compromise is the first mantra.
2) Do not divide overall pricing of the project by the number of months.
For example if someone is bidding you for say one lakh rupees for a year SEO then it comes to on how much 8.5K rupees a month. Do not calculate this way. Most SEO agencies need more money upfront to initiate their programs to be able to deliver on the longer-term goals that we have set for you.
Therefore dividing like this or creating agreements where you are paying monthly should be avoided. I would not say no, but it should be a avoided because it’s not going to help the SEO company really put in right efforts nor is it going to help you to see the kind of results that you want from them. Therefore please avoid dividing it on a monthly basis.
It’s good for budgeting yeah, I’m sure it’s definitely important as a budgeting aspect. But from the value & results aspect of this SEO program. This should be a avoided.
3) Most important one, do not bargain or do not trust SEO agency who I’m just trying to make ways in trying to match your budgetary constraints saying that, ok if this is your budget let’s try and manage it in this one we will try and do it in this one. The sales talk alright?
So if agencies are trying to work this out I think it’s a very important cautionary signal for you to stay away from such agency. If the agency is very clear & knows what it wants to deliver for you in terms of delivering value for you, then agencies will not negotiate, they will definitely towards staging it in such a way that the budgetary constraints and the goals are met over a period of time. But just to make everyone happy just to make sure that the budgets are matched I think getting into that kind of a bargaining mode SEO agencies are really hurting the marketplace. So to complete their sales goals if SEO agencies are getting into these games do not get into that trap don’t fall into that trap. Be very clear of what your goals are and evaluate the agency very carefully before you make that decision.
So these were my 3 don’t for businesses who are looking to negotiate a SEO deal or online marketing deals with third party agencies for their promotion. I’m sure there are more and you may have a lot of questions for us.
One last pasting comment evaluate your SEO agencies carefully, but once you have understood their functionality, once the trust has been built, once you are clear that your vision and their vision for your business is clear then making that beginning is very important. I see a lot of companies getting stuck and I’ve seen so many cases but businesses have said, oh yeah we are ready we understand your vision & are very clear. We know you can deliver for us but we are not in the position to start because of monetary constraints because of budget constraints. So this is where businesses really need to think or probably understand that the right investments at the right time and starting at the right time is going to bring them a lot of value and grow their business fast.
Share your feedback & queries in comments or email us @amod@zoomyourtraffic.com
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