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Why Online Videos ?

  1. Customers are spending their time searching videos. YouTube alone has over 4 billion views per day
  2. Is Your Competition Using Video Already? Over 80% top businesses use online video content for promotion
  3. Video Is Very Searchable. Google shows video listings in its search
  4. Videos Can Be Shared. Over 700 videos are shared on Twitter each minute.
  5. Video Is The Future. 30% of all online marketing would be focused on video by 2016
  6. Video Interacts. 40% of consumers view video of the product they want to buy
  1. Video Interacts. 40% of consumers view video of the product they want to buy
  2. Video Results Can Be Measured. Sophisticated analytics help measure results from video promotion campaigns
  3. Video Simplifies buying experience. 34% of apparrel shoppers are more likely to purchase after viewing an online video add
  4. Video Is Real Business .YouTube Shoppers view video are more likely to buy than who dont
  5. Video Is Mobile 50% of all video traffic is on mobile

Types Of Videos 

Don't have a camera to shoot a video ?

Animated videos depict concepts in a simple yet effective manner. Animated characters help keep viewers engaged.

Capturing drab old styled testimonials 

Give testimonials a facelift. Mix video, audio, text and animation to make your testimonial video interactive and interesting.

Want to make promo videos interesting ?

Get your anchor talking about product or service. Add audio and graphics to your video to enhance viewer experience.

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