3 Reasons Why SEO Isn’t Working For You?

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Are you doing SEO for your business and the results don’t seem to be coming? Well then this video is for you and I’m going to tell you the top three reasons why you’re SEO may not be working for you.

Reason #1: Not Your Priority Source For Marketing

In 95% of cases businesses think of SEO and online promotion as a secondary activity. Therefore what they do is, they either hire a SEO firm or SEO freelancer or some of the internal IT members are assigned this job of working on the company’s online presence. And then in the quarterly/half yearly or yearly meets these are reviewed as an add-on activity saying, oh what’s happening here. Oh OK, so either they take a call that OK they’re going to be in the same way or let’s just stop it.

Is this happening with your business?

If that’s the case then please re-think and give it a real high priority.

Reason #2: Goals Are Incorrectly Set

This is an again very widely observed, that most SEO goals land up on either Google rankings or traffic. I mean. I have been trying to talk to so many companies and so many businesses over the years in getting goals right.

What is your purpose of getting that number one position on Google?

Much more traffic on your site and more junk inquiries? Is that your goal? Or you would want a limited number of inquiries but very targeted so that your post sets or the post marketing activities can be really spread up and you can actually drive more conversions.

Please get your goals right. If your goal is to build traffic. So as you can build evaluation for getting in the next investment. Go ahead do it but be very clear of that.

In most B2B cases the objectives are to generate leads and business. So if that’s the goal the objective should be more towards targeted marketing.

Rather than traffic based marketing or ranking based marketing. So please get your goals right.

3 – Rigidity and Inflexibility

Although you may have to drive goals and objectives for a business it is very important to keep reviewing them on a periodic basis. In most cases what has been observed is people set goals for a year. Our objective is for us say six months and they just follow them. But the technology. The competition is changing so rapidly and dynamically, the search engines are getting smarter. There are so many new platforms coming up, so all this effectively and collectively are impacting the online.

Therefore it is very important to take stock of these changing scenarios and adapt your SEO to meet your goals and objectives.

I have also observed in many cases that when we actually review at the end of the year or we felt oh we had set this up but we ended up here because we did not do a specific thing which was new and which could have actually yielded more results.

But because of fixed and rigid on our approach we were not able to do that. So it’s a moving target. If to keep adapting to keep changing you have to keep in increasing your goals as time goes by.

So this according to me were three reasons why your SEO may not be working for you. Therefore I would urge all businesses to take stock of this and make your online thing your priority one, set up the right goals and understand this is a moving target. So be ready to adapt.

I hope this video was helpful to you. And if you have any questions or queries please write to us on the Email shown on your screen. And we’ll look forward to talking to you in our future videos. Until next time. Bye for now.

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