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Check 10 Factors Explained To Rank Product Listing Higher on Amazon Search

Check 10 Factors Explained To Rank Product Listing Higher on Amazon Search

In this #TechKnow Session Parveen explains what’s the secret behind Amazon keyword ranking for product listing?

Below is a list of key factors.
For detail explanation please watch the video.

Amazon’s original A9 algorithm for ranking products on their search has evolved over the years. However, the underlying principles remain the same as Google – the better people respond to your product, the higher you will be on their search. Some of the key factors would be:

  1. Sales
  2. Reviews and Ratings
  3. Product views
  4. Wishlist entries
  5. Add to Cart entries
  6. Repeat buyers
  7. Responsive system to user reviews and questions
  8. Complete profiles with detailed product descriptions
  9. Of course – the keyword factor is important but adding your products in the right category & subcategory is highly critical
  10. Product valuation in comparison to competing products.

Just like Google (who has over 200 parameters for ranking), Amazon claims to have a series of parameters to rank products on their search. The above are just indicative parameters that businesses can understand and work on immediately.

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