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3 Key Areas of Improvement To Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Successful

3 Key Areas of Improvement To Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Successful

Hello everyone.
The other day I met up with the client and we were discussing his online promotion campaigns. And he asked me a typical question that they are relying a lot on email marketing for their business. But somehow they do not actually measure & yield ROI using that channel, so what could be?
So when I analyzed that emailer campaign. I found out 3 Key Areas that needed a lot of improvement and I’m going to share them with you so that you can evaluate it accurately at your end. Let’s get started.

1) Not Consistent
Most businesses run e-mail campaigns on the need basis.
-They feel this season is coming so let’s run the e-mail campaign
-This is the right time, this is when the businesses make decisions, so let’s try to connect with the audience.
-I found this good emailer database let me just throw an emailer to this new marketing list.
So, if this is happening inconsistently then the results are also going to be inconsistent. You may find one in a million kind of a customer from those campaigns. But again that cannot be a strategy. So be consistent, schedule your campaigns for 6 months, 9 months 12 months so on, so that users consistently receive and brand your image in their mind. When they keep receiving your e-mails consistently that happens. So be consistent with your e-mail.

2) Not Themed
Now because we have been inconsistent, you do not theme your emailers as well. Because we just send them on a need basis. Based on that particular subject or period or season we sent out e-mails. There is no correlation, no connection between the e-mails that follow one another. Right?
Why are TV serials so popular? Because they are themed, every episode follows the previous one with the particular theme and this is exactly what the emailer should do. There should be a continuation, a relation it really helps customers to correlate with previous e-mails so that they get to know what’s coming up next or they are excited about what’s coming up next. They may want you to make certain contact and that they want to hear about. Isn’t that exciting, isn’t that interaction that you are seeking. Right?
So, therefore, it’s very important. That you really have themed emailers, themed campaigns to hit your customers, so that they feel engaged and they want to interact with you and feel excited when they read your e-mails coming up consistently.

3) Not Well Presented
Now because of the possibility of lack of resources or skills or time the emails that go out are just text-based with information about the promotion, contact us here & this is X Y Z about the product, this is what they’re are offering. This will definitely not connect with the users. Users have very less time plus they’re receiving so many e-mails in a day. So for them to pick and choose your e-mail and read them and go through it can interact with them. They have to be special with the X factor. That’s so crucial. If it’s not there then although you may have a really great product, great service, and chances of users interacting with you will go substantially down. Therefore using graphics, videos, and colorful text, posts you need to make emailers really exciting for the users to engage. Once that is done you will see improved open rates, more engagement and your campaigns will start converting for you.
So those were my 3 key points on how we can create improved emailer campaigns
A. Be Consistent
B. Be Themed
C. Be Presentable.

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