Online Customer Journey Case Study

Omni-Channel At Work

At the beginning of this year, we announced our Omni-channel digital marketing methodology to educate, engage and enable businesses online. Here we present a real customer journey using this system.

Iteration 1 (Week 1 – Jun 2019)
Customer Registers with our LinkedIn Ad Evaluate Website

Iteration 2 (Week 2 – Jun 2019)
Based on our Phone, Email and WhatsApp communication – customer reviews but drops off (decision postponed)

Iteration 3 (Week 2 – Aug 2019 – 2 months later)
Customer locates our JustDial account and connects via phone again

Iteration 4 (Week 2 – Aug 2019)
Reviews website again

Iteration 5 (Week 3 – Aug 2019)
Keeps engaging with our WhatsApp and Emailer connect programs – asks questions and offerings

Iteration 6 (Week 4 – Aug 2019)
Sets up a personal meetup at our office over phone/WhatsApp

Iteration 7 (Week 4 – Aug 2019)
Visits our office with direction guides using Google Maps/Google My Business.

Iteration 7 (Week 4 – Aug 2019)
Reviews proposition with our team in person

This is our typical omni-channel customer journey model….

Social Media Marketing Copyright Rules for Businesses

In recent time every business wants to make their presence on Social Media. Then if you are using Facebook, Twitters, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to promote your business, then you must know about the social media etiquette rules that your business should follow.

If you are trying to break the rules, then your marketing results will plummet.

But no need to worry because there are some copyright rules and regulations for social media that your business needs to follow if you want to stay away from expensive legal trouble?

With that in mind, here we explain some basic copyright rules to follow when you promote your business online and engage with people through social media marketing. There are 5 basic copyright rules are:

  • Assume Your Use is Not Covered by Fair Use
  • Make Sure You Own It (or Have Permission to Use It) before You Publish It
  • Don’t Fight the DMCA, Understand It and Abide by It
  • Beware of Creative Commons
  • Get Federal Copyright Registration for Your Creative Work

These are the five basic social media copyright rules that you have to follow and avoid copyright infringement. So now we discuss in details about this copyright rules:

1. Assume Your Use is Not Covered by Fair Use:

Fair use could be a sticky, cloudy, messy, confusing, insert similar adjectives of your alternative, slope. Fair use was created to allow limited use of a copyrighted work for reasonable purposes without having to actually get the owner’s permission to use it. Fair use doesn’t mean free use.

Ask yourself these four questions before you deem your use of someone else’s creativity:

  • What is the purpose and character of the use of the work?
  • What is the nature of the copyrighted work?
  • What part of the work was used compared to the whole?
  • What is the effect of the use of the work on the potential value or market of the original copyrighted work?

2. Make Sure You Own It (or Have Permission to Use It) before You Publish It:

Owner and author (or creator) both are different things, and the difference between owner and the author can mean the difference between your getting into big and expensive trouble or not…read more

Disclaimer: This post is written by another author and source. Our purpose is to solely help our audience gain knowledge. We do not intend to use this copy for any commercial purpose. We have give due credit to the creator and directing viewers to the rightful owner of this content from this page.

3 Key Areas of Improvement To Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Successful

3 Key Areas of Improvement To Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Successful

Hello everyone.
The other day I met up with the client and we were discussing his online promotion campaigns. And he asked me a typical question that they are relying a lot on email marketing for their business. But somehow they do not actually measure & yield ROI using that channel, so what could be?
So when I analyzed that emailer campaign. I found out 3 Key Areas that needed a lot of improvement and I’m going to share them with you so that you can evaluate it accurately at your end. Let’s get started.

1) Not Consistent
Most businesses run e-mail campaigns on the need basis.
-They feel this season is coming so let’s run the e-mail campaign
-This is the right time, this is when the businesses make decisions, so let’s try to connect with the audience.
-I found this good emailer database let me just throw an emailer to this new marketing list.
So, if this is happening inconsistently then the results are also going to be inconsistent. You may find one in a million kind of a customer from those campaigns. But again that cannot be a strategy. So be consistent, schedule your campaigns for 6 months, 9 months 12 months so on, so that users consistently receive and brand your image in their mind. When they keep receiving your e-mails consistently that happens. So be consistent with your e-mail.

2) Not Themed
Now because we have been inconsistent, you do not theme your emailers as well. Because we just send them on a need basis. Based on that particular subject or period or season we sent out e-mails. There is no correlation, no connection between the e-mails that follow one another. Right?
Why are TV serials so popular? Because they are themed, every episode follows the previous one with the particular theme and this is exactly what the emailer should do. There should be a continuation, a relation it really helps customers to correlate with previous e-mails so that they get to know what’s coming up next or they are excited about what’s coming up next. They may want you to make certain contact and that they want to hear about. Isn’t that exciting, isn’t that interaction that you are seeking. Right?
So, therefore, it’s very important. That you really have themed emailers, themed campaigns to hit your customers, so that they feel engaged and they want to interact with you and feel excited when they read your e-mails coming up consistently.

3) Not Well Presented
Now because of the possibility of lack of resources or skills or time the emails that go out are just text-based with information about the promotion, contact us here & this is X Y Z about the product, this is what they’re are offering. This will definitely not connect with the users. Users have very less time plus they’re receiving so many e-mails in a day. So for them to pick and choose your e-mail and read them and go through it can interact with them. They have to be special with the X factor. That’s so crucial. If it’s not there then although you may have a really great product, great service, and chances of users interacting with you will go substantially down. Therefore using graphics, videos, and colorful text, posts you need to make emailers really exciting for the users to engage. Once that is done you will see improved open rates, more engagement and your campaigns will start converting for you.
So those were my 3 key points on how we can create improved emailer campaigns
A. Be Consistent
B. Be Themed
C. Be Presentable.

Share your feedback & queries in comments or email us @

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3 Things To Make Your Google My Business Listing Ready For Local Search

3 Things To Make Your Google My Business Listing Ready For Local Search

Hello everyone,
If you are a local business and have not positioned yourself on Google My Business yet, these 3 things are most important to address when you get your business out there on Google.

1) Get Your Business Correctly Verified:
Google has introduced a system of verifying your business address and phone no. as a part of a cleanup mission that they have started because in the past lot of cases were bogus or false business had been set up on phone numbers e-mail addresses.
And it’s really kind of given such a bad name because of wrong businesses being shown up and then customers are complaining that they are not able to reach the right place.

Therefore, this verification of an address and phone number is extremely crucial and make sure you have your address and phone number very correctly put up and then using the verification process get your business verified immediately.
In fact we have a video created specifically for this, so do check the video link and get your business verified right away.

Have multiple locations? No worries, you can add up to 18 locations in one Google My Business Account. So, go ahead and add all those addresses. Make sure you verify and they are absolutely correct. Why? Because once they’re verified it is going to be attached to your business and most importantly once they’re published on Google, customers are going to use them to reach our place. To ensure they’re as accurate and as direct as possible. So that customers can reach your place.

2) Complete Your Business Profile:
Google has created enough sections for you to fill up as much information about their business as possible. Not just to assist the customer but also help their backend to really map your business to people in the search so that the relevancy is very high.

For example, there filters like Women only business or assistance for disabled people.
Isn’t that fantastic? It’s a real indicator for the customer they know what to expect when they walk into your store. So make sure. You have all those more details filled up don’t leave anything blank, put in your working hours, services & make sure you have some keywords in place when you’re putting the description. Very powerful, fill up everything

3) Connect Visually:
Google My Business has a section where you can add photos of products and services. Make sure you really upload photographs of your store to give the users connect and they know what to expect when they reach your store. Give them an idea of their products and services. Most importantly fill in as much information can as much as possible.

Because you want to map it with search as well because you want Google to really map your services that people are searching for you or searching for products or services.

Another important aspect is when customers come in to make sure they give you a review. Google is geo-targeting reviews. This is another of their filters to ensure correct reviews are given and not bogus ones. This means that when you give a review via a mobile, using their GPS they can really map whether you are actually at the store and not at other place or you are paid to get a review.
So using this geo-mapping they can really establish which reviews are genuine and which are no. Isn’t that fantastic? So make sure you encourage all your visitors/customers to give you feedback when they’re visiting your store.

So these are my 3 suggestions to get you to Google my business page really active and ready for search when customers are looking for your services.

Share your feedback & queries in comments or email us @

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3Cs To Make Email Marketing Campaigns Effective And Powerful For Your Business

3Cs To Make Email Marketing Campaigns Effective And Powerful For Your Business

Hello everyone.
Are you a business marketer and use e-mails extensively for marketing then I’m going to show you 3 Cs that will make your campaigns very effective and powerful for your business. Let’s take a look.

Contact Is King. Customers are not looking for what you are doing. Customers are looking for what their problems are and whether you can help them. Therefore you must be able to position your content addressing customer problems, their pain points or their requirements.

Don’t talk around we have with this, we have that for your, avoid. These sections will come at the bottom. Start very topically addressing a specific area that you can have with the customer’s problem or requirements. Once you do that, the connect will happen.

Make sure headlines are very powerful again addressing their problem. Addressing issues not that this is the x y z offering that you are giving no.
Do you have this problem? Does your business suffer from x y z issue? This is the one that’s going to get you the through.
So make sure your content is very customer centric, customer focused. And then you get the click throughs and opens for everything else.

There are two advantages of being consistent:
1.With your emails hitting that email box frequently, chances of customers clicking through to check out what’s there increase and because of that, your e-mails from then on can actually skip the spam filters and get directly in the inbox. Isn’t that powerful, it’s that next step to reach out to the customer isn’t it.

2. If the customer is seeing the emails again & again consistently. He knows you mean business.
He feels you are a serious business. This is the first impression that you are creating without even talking to him. Therefore being consistent will be able to reach and hit out to the prospective customer becomes so important.

Now this C is the final nail in the coffin as I say. Once you start doing the analytics of who is viewing who is opening your e-mails. You must be able to create control groups. You must be able to categorize you or viewers you will be able to create separate lists and hit them.
with specific content. This is very important. Don’t generalize. Don’t send the same Emailers to all your audience. Once you established patterns once you establish how viewers looking at your e-mails create a specific content for them. This will increase their viewable and chances of connecting with you.

So you are really trying to analyze what kind of contact they are seeing and being able to throw our content which they would like to see. And once the see content would like to see they would like to talk to you. And that’s how you create an opportunity to meet with them and explore opportunities Isn’t that powerful?

So those were my 3Cs: Content, Consistency and Connect to make your e-mail campaigns powerful and not just powerful. They mean business, for your business.

Share your feedback & queries in comments or email us @

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Cost-Effective Marketing Through Mobile

Cost-Effective Marketing Through Mobile

As business owners, we’re constantly looking for ways to promote our businesses while still keeping a strict eye on the bottom line. Traditional media advertising is not cheap and, depending on your target market, not all that effective anyway.

But what do you use instead? You have a plethora of options available to you – promotion via social media, email marketing, PPC advertising, content marketing, and so on. The list goes on and on. And while a diversified marketing strategy is a good idea, it’s hard to know which method you should start with.

That’s where mobile marketing comes in. Think about it – what things do people carry around with them all the time? Their wallets, keys, and most importantly for our purposes, their phones. And that’s awesome news if you want to promote your business because it opens a wide range of options.

We’ll go through those in a moment. When you’re finished reading about the different forms of mobile marketing, check out the infographic that we’ve got for you below. It draws on case studies of large organizations so that you can learn more about successful campaigns that they’ve run.

It’s a great place to start if you’re looking for some inspiration. But let’s get back to the basic mobile marketing methods, shall we?

SMS Marketing
It’s not winning any awards for being the newest tool marketers have, but it is a cost-effective way to get your message across.

App-Based Marketing
This is the modern evolution of smartphone marketing–the app. It can be approached in a number of different ways–adverts in the app, clever product placement shots inserted into useful articles or tutorials, and so on.

Push Notifications
These might offer a viable option for marketers. The notifications would have to be managed carefully, though, so as not to irritate your audience.

Email Marketing
This is not strictly a mobile-only option, but considering how many of your clients will read their emails on mobiles, it makes sense to include it here. What you need to do is to make sure that the email reads well on whatever device it is being read on.

Want to Learn More? There are other forms that your campaigns can take. Read about these alternatives in the info graphic.

Do let us know your thoughts on which are effective online marketing media’s for your business. Write to us in comments.

Credit: Max Chekalov, Content Developer, AppGeeks

How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing to Their Advantage (Infographic)

How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing to Their Advantage

How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing to Their Advantage (Infographic)