Sell Product On Amazon Or Own eCommerce Website- What Is Best For Product Manufacturer?

Customer Questions and Thoughts from Our Marketing & Sales Campaigns answered by Amod Inamdar.

I am a product manufacturer, should I sell my products on Amazon or build my own e-commerce website?

So you’re saying that he’s just started OK. So, in that case, I would definitely advise to look at our video where we have talked about Sales Vs Branding. If you can share the link of that video, that would be good, because then the same principle will apply here as well OK.

Amazon will give sales, which is important as a startup, those sales numbers that are very critical. Right. But branding is going to give him the growth. And branding is going to happen through his E-commerce site. So the suggestion for him would start with Amazon build your sales but have a plan and certain milestone that he can define, go for your e-commerce site. And start promoting it. That will give the brand name.

You don’t want to remain on Amazon affiliate all your life and with Amazon, they are going so strong. They are going to the level where they are going to command. They are going to decide who stays on their platform. They are going so aggressive. So you have to always comply what their requirements are or go to yourself. And then as a business, you would want to do it yourself. So keep Amazon on your list push sales there & on the parallel definitely build your own e-commerce site, brand it so that your dependency on Amazon can be reduced. Yeah. So that approach would be advisable.

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Cost-Effective Marketing Through Mobile

Cost-Effective Marketing Through Mobile

As business owners, we’re constantly looking for ways to promote our businesses while still keeping a strict eye on the bottom line. Traditional media advertising is not cheap and, depending on your target market, not all that effective anyway.

But what do you use instead? You have a plethora of options available to you – promotion via social media, email marketing, PPC advertising, content marketing, and so on. The list goes on and on. And while a diversified marketing strategy is a good idea, it’s hard to know which method you should start with.

That’s where mobile marketing comes in. Think about it – what things do people carry around with them all the time? Their wallets, keys, and most importantly for our purposes, their phones. And that’s awesome news if you want to promote your business because it opens a wide range of options.

We’ll go through those in a moment. When you’re finished reading about the different forms of mobile marketing, check out the infographic that we’ve got for you below. It draws on case studies of large organizations so that you can learn more about successful campaigns that they’ve run.

It’s a great place to start if you’re looking for some inspiration. But let’s get back to the basic mobile marketing methods, shall we?

SMS Marketing
It’s not winning any awards for being the newest tool marketers have, but it is a cost-effective way to get your message across.

App-Based Marketing
This is the modern evolution of smartphone marketing–the app. It can be approached in a number of different ways–adverts in the app, clever product placement shots inserted into useful articles or tutorials, and so on.

Push Notifications
These might offer a viable option for marketers. The notifications would have to be managed carefully, though, so as not to irritate your audience.

Email Marketing
This is not strictly a mobile-only option, but considering how many of your clients will read their emails on mobiles, it makes sense to include it here. What you need to do is to make sure that the email reads well on whatever device it is being read on.

Want to Learn More? There are other forms that your campaigns can take. Read about these alternatives in the info graphic.

Do let us know your thoughts on which are effective online marketing media’s for your business. Write to us in comments.

Credit: Max Chekalov, Content Developer, AppGeeks

How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing to Their Advantage (Infographic)

How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing to Their Advantage

How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing to Their Advantage (Infographic)