Social Media Marketing Copyright Rules for Businesses

In recent time every business wants to make their presence on Social Media. Then if you are using Facebook, Twitters, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to promote your business, then you must know about the social media etiquette rules that your business should follow.

If you are trying to break the rules, then your marketing results will plummet.

But no need to worry because there are some copyright rules and regulations for social media that your business needs to follow if you want to stay away from expensive legal trouble?

With that in mind, here we explain some basic copyright rules to follow when you promote your business online and engage with people through social media marketing. There are 5 basic copyright rules are:

  • Assume Your Use is Not Covered by Fair Use
  • Make Sure You Own It (or Have Permission to Use It) before You Publish It
  • Don’t Fight the DMCA, Understand It and Abide by It
  • Beware of Creative Commons
  • Get Federal Copyright Registration for Your Creative Work

These are the five basic social media copyright rules that you have to follow and avoid copyright infringement. So now we discuss in details about this copyright rules:

1. Assume Your Use is Not Covered by Fair Use:

Fair use could be a sticky, cloudy, messy, confusing, insert similar adjectives of your alternative, slope. Fair use was created to allow limited use of a copyrighted work for reasonable purposes without having to actually get the owner’s permission to use it. Fair use doesn’t mean free use.

Ask yourself these four questions before you deem your use of someone else’s creativity:

  • What is the purpose and character of the use of the work?
  • What is the nature of the copyrighted work?
  • What part of the work was used compared to the whole?
  • What is the effect of the use of the work on the potential value or market of the original copyrighted work?

2. Make Sure You Own It (or Have Permission to Use It) before You Publish It:

Owner and author (or creator) both are different things, and the difference between owner and the author can mean the difference between your getting into big and expensive trouble or not…read more

Disclaimer: This post is written by another author and source. Our purpose is to solely help our audience gain knowledge. We do not intend to use this copy for any commercial purpose. We have give due credit to the creator and directing viewers to the rightful owner of this content from this page.

3 Facebook Promotion Mistakes Small Business Make

Hi everyone.
Are you a small business and looking to use Facebook for promotion. Then guard against these 3 mistakes that most businesses make when using the Facebook platform.

1. Incomplete profile.
95% of businesses that I review show that people actually do not complete their Facebook page information. Facebook has so many sections and areas where you can provide your business information, services, address, phone numbers and a lot of things that you can really showcase your business with. But unfortunately, businesses overlook this aspect. They just fill up the important points like phone no. address and the rest is just left blank. Wow, that’s a big loss. You are losing so many dollars on the table.
It’s very important that every section/area that Facebook is providing you to give information about your business must be filled. Not just for the user but also for Facebook to map you with that business and show up in search results when people search via Facebook.

Another important aspect would be choosing the right template for business. Did you know that?
Most of us see the standard template that Facebook provides, but they have a facility where you can choose a template based on your business. For better look feel, & areas where customers can look up based on your business. So make sure you find out the right template for your business.

2. SEO Keywords Vs Social Tags
A lot many businesses make this big mistake.
They do a keyword search/research for Google, find out what keywords are trending and they use the same keywords to map in their Facebook posts. Is this going to work? No

Facebook search works differently from Google search. What people search in Google, they will not exactly search the same way in Facebook. Let’s clearly understand that.

Therefore for your social, for your Facebook posts you need to get into the insights you need to get into Facebook search to understand trending tags, what kind of searches people are doing there and create a different set of keywords or tags when using on social Facebook posts. Very important.
Do not make that mistake of using Google keywords as social posts. Please review your campaigns today.

3. Paid Marketing Is Completely Ignored
This is another myth a misnomer in the market, that Facebook paid marketing is absolute nonsense. It’s not the case, depending on the type of business you are and if you in the retail business, paid marketing can be really beneficial for you.
However, it needs to plan carefully, correctly and very clearly defined metrics that you want to measure and keep tweaking the campaigns. You will see the results. Invest in paid marketing on Facebook and you will really gain for your business.

So those were my three points or 3 mistakes most businesses make when using Facebook as their promotional platform. So my urge is clear to all of you sitting out there to take stock and realign your Facebook campaigns and use it effectively for your online business.

I hope the session was useful. If you have any questions please write to us on the email shown on the screen. We can get talking. Till then Bye!

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