Social Media Marketing Copyright Rules for Businesses

In recent time every business wants to make their presence on Social Media. Then if you are using Facebook, Twitters, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to promote your business, then you must know about the social media etiquette rules that your business should follow.

If you are trying to break the rules, then your marketing results will plummet.

But no need to worry because there are some copyright rules and regulations for social media that your business needs to follow if you want to stay away from expensive legal trouble?

With that in mind, here we explain some basic copyright rules to follow when you promote your business online and engage with people through social media marketing. There are 5 basic copyright rules are:

  • Assume Your Use is Not Covered by Fair Use
  • Make Sure You Own It (or Have Permission to Use It) before You Publish It
  • Don’t Fight the DMCA, Understand It and Abide by It
  • Beware of Creative Commons
  • Get Federal Copyright Registration for Your Creative Work

These are the five basic social media copyright rules that you have to follow and avoid copyright infringement. So now we discuss in details about this copyright rules:

1. Assume Your Use is Not Covered by Fair Use:

Fair use could be a sticky, cloudy, messy, confusing, insert similar adjectives of your alternative, slope. Fair use was created to allow limited use of a copyrighted work for reasonable purposes without having to actually get the owner’s permission to use it. Fair use doesn’t mean free use.

Ask yourself these four questions before you deem your use of someone else’s creativity:

  • What is the purpose and character of the use of the work?
  • What is the nature of the copyrighted work?
  • What part of the work was used compared to the whole?
  • What is the effect of the use of the work on the potential value or market of the original copyrighted work?

2. Make Sure You Own It (or Have Permission to Use It) before You Publish It:

Owner and author (or creator) both are different things, and the difference between owner and the author can mean the difference between your getting into big and expensive trouble or not…read more

Disclaimer: This post is written by another author and source. Our purpose is to solely help our audience gain knowledge. We do not intend to use this copy for any commercial purpose. We have give due credit to the creator and directing viewers to the rightful owner of this content from this page.

3 Budgets Important For SEO Campaign Plan

3 Budgets Important For SEO Campaign Plan

Hello everyone.
You might be planning for an SEO project for your online business.
We talk about budgets and we only think of money as the aspect for defining it.
In this video, I’m going to tell you 3 Budgets that are so important when planning an SEO campaign.
Let’s take a look.

1) The Time Budget:
As a business owner, your most important investment in this budget would be your time. Most businesses what they do is they outsource their projects to agencies and contractors saying that you please do it on your own and show us the results without investing their own time into their project. It’s a cardinal mistake. As a business, your involvement in a project in defining the road map is so very crucial and therefore you must be able to devote and dedicate time. when planning for this project. Make no mistake, if you invest your time & budget, you will see a return on investment.
Big time. Please think this over.

2) The Skill Budget:
Make sure you have the right resources or you will hire the right resources for the project. Do not try to cut corners by cutting people who can just manage the show. You want skills to drive your campaigns, to get the results. Who can study who can research and adapt and who can really deliver on your business objectives?
Don’t compromise there. Get the right skills. Budget for that.

3) The Money Budget:
Now when you plan in advance, when you have the right skills, sometimes the costs can escalate. That’s right and therefore it is very important that during planning itself if you have certain numbers in mind you can define a staged approach rather than going all out, you can stage it in such a way that you can put in some money see the returns.
Then invest/reinvest some of that money again and keep on growing.
This can be done, but this has to be carefully thought out when planning for the project.
And this is exactly the point no.1 “Time Investment” is so important.

So as a business if you put in that time you can really work on the resources and the monthly budgets needed when planning for the project. This will not only save time effort cost but most importantly build and grow your ROI big term.

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3Cs To Make Email Marketing Campaigns Effective And Powerful For Your Business

3Cs To Make Email Marketing Campaigns Effective And Powerful For Your Business

Hello everyone.
Are you a business marketer and use e-mails extensively for marketing then I’m going to show you 3 Cs that will make your campaigns very effective and powerful for your business. Let’s take a look.

Contact Is King. Customers are not looking for what you are doing. Customers are looking for what their problems are and whether you can help them. Therefore you must be able to position your content addressing customer problems, their pain points or their requirements.

Don’t talk around we have with this, we have that for your, avoid. These sections will come at the bottom. Start very topically addressing a specific area that you can have with the customer’s problem or requirements. Once you do that, the connect will happen.

Make sure headlines are very powerful again addressing their problem. Addressing issues not that this is the x y z offering that you are giving no.
Do you have this problem? Does your business suffer from x y z issue? This is the one that’s going to get you the through.
So make sure your content is very customer centric, customer focused. And then you get the click throughs and opens for everything else.

There are two advantages of being consistent:
1.With your emails hitting that email box frequently, chances of customers clicking through to check out what’s there increase and because of that, your e-mails from then on can actually skip the spam filters and get directly in the inbox. Isn’t that powerful, it’s that next step to reach out to the customer isn’t it.

2. If the customer is seeing the emails again & again consistently. He knows you mean business.
He feels you are a serious business. This is the first impression that you are creating without even talking to him. Therefore being consistent will be able to reach and hit out to the prospective customer becomes so important.

Now this C is the final nail in the coffin as I say. Once you start doing the analytics of who is viewing who is opening your e-mails. You must be able to create control groups. You must be able to categorize you or viewers you will be able to create separate lists and hit them.
with specific content. This is very important. Don’t generalize. Don’t send the same Emailers to all your audience. Once you established patterns once you establish how viewers looking at your e-mails create a specific content for them. This will increase their viewable and chances of connecting with you.

So you are really trying to analyze what kind of contact they are seeing and being able to throw our content which they would like to see. And once the see content would like to see they would like to talk to you. And that’s how you create an opportunity to meet with them and explore opportunities Isn’t that powerful?

So those were my 3Cs: Content, Consistency and Connect to make your e-mail campaigns powerful and not just powerful. They mean business, for your business.

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3 Ways B2B Marketers Can Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

3 Ways B2B Marketers Can Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Hello everyone.
As a B2B marker today, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools right? Are using it right?
Understand these 3 aspects or 3 ways in which you can use LinkedIn in more powerfully to generate leads for your business.

1) Profiling:
80 % of customers that I consult, when I check the LinkedIn profile, I see them incomplete.that’s a big letdown.
This is your CV to your prospective customers. It must be up to date. Make sure you have

• All your skills & experience
• Your projects, certifications, and awards
• Your videos, links to papers you have written
• Recommendations from others.

Because customers are going to create an image when they are going to connect with you. Therefore your profile has to be absolutely up to date, if not do it today.

2) Prospecting:
When we look around LinkedIn connections and if we feel all out this is the one I want to connect with.
Just go and send the message, “Hi I would like to be on LinkedIn connection” and sent.

Do you think it’s going to work that way? It does not.
It’s very rare that someone will just randomly connect with you. Yeah if they’re trying to build their own network they may want to add another one. But it’s not really something that they want to do to create an association with you. Get the point.
Make sure to make the right connections so that the connection becomes an association, where you can really engage yourself with the other person and explore opportunities to get.

3) Sales Navigator or Paid Advertising Using LinkedIn:
This is another aspect which is very grossly overlooked. Yes, it is expensive. But it is very powerful.

Paid Advertising:
Another aspect of this is people generally try to boost posts and hope for people to connect. No, you must create targeted campaigns & ads.
Take stock, look at the insights, between those ads, keep doing it an ongoing basis. Some fantastic results can be achieved with this.

Sales Navigator:
With sales navigator, you can send out e-mails to specific clients with personalized messages. You also get a chance to check who is reviewing your profile. That is very powerful.
Therefore it makes a really good case to invest money in LinkedIn Paid Advertisement.
So those were my 3 inputs for B2B marketers, to really try their leads and the sales for their business using the LinkedIn platform.

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Local Business Owner Looking To Drive Customers? – 3 Platforms That Help

Are you a café, a boutique, a salon, a restaurant or any store where customers actually walk into it?

Then using these 3 online business properties, you can really drive more customers to your business. Let’s see how?

1. Google My business. 

Haven’t checked this platform and have you created a profile on it?
If not. Please do it today. 

Backed by powerful Google search, customers can actually see your businesses when they’re moving around the area and can search for terms like a boutique near me, a restaurant near me. 
Your business will show up. And that will help them make a decision to walk into your store. 

Make sure you update on the profile with all the latest information, what are your USPs and keep it fresh and updated all the time. So Google My Business is the first one. 

2. Facebook:

Facebook is often mistaken as a platform to meet friends, say hi, what kind of dress someone is wearing & whereas the next vacation they got planning. No, we need to move beyond that. Facebook is a powerful business platform. 
Use pages, use groups, use events and so many other tools that Facebook has created to make sure business is visible there. 

People are searching on Facebook as well. People can recommend a shop. There are reviews, people can share. You can share your work there. And all this can help you really gain traction and more business to your store. Try it. 

3.Your Business Website:

Assuming that you have a website for your business. If not. Let’s make one today.
It’s very important because the website has replaced the visiting card. 
Customers really want to look into your business, understand your business before they make or walk into the store. 

Therefore having that website updated with the latest content, latest information, great engagement for the customers so that they can make that decision over the competition to get into your store. 

The common factors for all three of these would be to have:
A. Fresh content 
B. Relevant Content
C. Engaging Content and 
D. Is extremely high response system so that when someone connects you have a system where we are responding immediately. This gives the best user experience. 

Customers love to read responses back from web sites clearly knowing that someone is reading them someone is listening to them. 

So if you can create these this kind of ecosystem for your store, then you can really drive traffic and more customers to your business. And the best part of it you can do this yourself. You did not need any support or help. Isn’t that cool. So on that note, I would say bye bye until next time. 

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