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3 Budgets Important For SEO Campaign Plan

3 Budgets Important For SEO Campaign Plan

Hello everyone.
You might be planning for an SEO project for your online business.
We talk about budgets and we only think of money as the aspect for defining it.
In this video, I’m going to tell you 3 Budgets that are so important when planning an SEO campaign.
Let’s take a look.

1) The Time Budget:
As a business owner, your most important investment in this budget would be your time. Most businesses what they do is they outsource their projects to agencies and contractors saying that you please do it on your own and show us the results without investing their own time into their project. It’s a cardinal mistake. As a business, your involvement in a project in defining the road map is so very crucial and therefore you must be able to devote and dedicate time. when planning for this project. Make no mistake, if you invest your time & budget, you will see a return on investment.
Big time. Please think this over.

2) The Skill Budget:
Make sure you have the right resources or you will hire the right resources for the project. Do not try to cut corners by cutting people who can just manage the show. You want skills to drive your campaigns, to get the results. Who can study who can research and adapt and who can really deliver on your business objectives?
Don’t compromise there. Get the right skills. Budget for that.

3) The Money Budget:
Now when you plan in advance, when you have the right skills, sometimes the costs can escalate. That’s right and therefore it is very important that during planning itself if you have certain numbers in mind you can define a staged approach rather than going all out, you can stage it in such a way that you can put in some money see the returns.
Then invest/reinvest some of that money again and keep on growing.
This can be done, but this has to be carefully thought out when planning for the project.
And this is exactly the point no.1 “Time Investment” is so important.

So as a business if you put in that time you can really work on the resources and the monthly budgets needed when planning for the project. This will not only save time effort cost but most importantly build and grow your ROI big term.

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