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5 Aspects To Integrate SEO Into Website Content Strategy

5 Aspects To Integrate SEO Into Website Content Strategy

SEO is about planning your website’s messaging with the audience and search engines together. Creating a communication strategy for your online business is by far the most critical part of your online marketing efforts. SEO is a small part of this.
With SEO Content you want to:

  1. Address the audience you are talking to (what they are searching, finding or exploring) as opposed to what you have to offer
  2. Address the search engines telling them you have solid, relevant and useful content for visitors to look at. (This is the big change since a few years – keyword stuffing, keyword frequency, word limits, etc are all passe now) Content that is appreciated by viewers is automatically appreciated by the search engines (it is not the other way round as widely believed)
  3. Interact and Engage your reader/viewer. Write (as if you are talking) to your viewer naturally. The higher the engagement, the better your SEO.
  4. Get your viewers to share your content with others too. These are powerful signals for search engines to know your content is not just helpful for people viewing them but they are referring them to others too.
  5. generate relevant viewership rather than a crowd.

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