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How Keyword Stuffing Affects Your Website?

How Keyword Stuffing Affects Your Website?

In this #TechKnow Session Parveen explains, how keyword stuffing affects your website?

Keyword stuffing doomsday for your online presence.
The SEO industry has evolved over the last 15 odd years (since 2004 – the year Facebook was launched and Google was just establishing itself) – this question should be answered as – bad legacy from our generation to the next.
Are we still teaching the millennial gen to create content by stuffing keywords?
Let’s please move in the right direction.

To answer your question – Search engines will penalize your content/webpage/website/blog if they find you put in keywords just to rank on their search. Unless you have something valuable for your reader (and search engines track that too) keyword stuffing is end of the road for your website for sure. Your site could be de-indexed permanently (and there are a ton of such examples. Sites that made thousands of dollars per day, were wiped out in an instant).

You should focus on:
Content should read naturally (hence some writing skills to sprinkle your keywords organically in your content)
Understand how search engines read your content? Your Meta content? Learn this thoroughly
Shift focus from search engine to your visitor/reader. That paradigm shift is needed.
Believe that helps!

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