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How To Build Online Reputation For Your Business Over The Long Term?

How To Build Online Reputation For Your Business Over The Long Term?

Building an online reputation for your business is a big task and therefore it has to be carefully planned, carefully monitored and worked on consistently.

In this video, I’m going to give 3 ways of how it can be done effectively for the long term.

Let’s take a look.
1) Build Reviews:
It’s very important to build reviews. It’s important to ask for reviews. I think a lot of businesses miss out on this opportunity of asking for it they feel that customers feel they will give reviews. No, ask your customers to give you reviews. Don’t worry about whether they are good or bad. Don’t worry they are positive or negative.
Ask them to give specific reviews. Ask them what they like? what they did not like? Let them ensure that they are putting up their reviews on Google on Facebook, on the various 3rd party review websites, etc.

Now once that is done once you get the review it’s very important that you respond to them. Another issue with most businesses is they don’t respond to reviews, don’t respond to negative reviews at all and then they start finding out ways of how they can clean up the mess. Don’t do that. You must respond to negative reviews. Responding to.them very assertively.
In fact, we’ve got a video which you can see on how to respond to bad reviews.
Check this link https://youtu.be/JFErBp05C3I
So make sure you get the reviews and you respond to them.

2) Engage With Your Customers.
Just responding will not help. You also need to interact and engage with your customers.
Once you have customers on board and have their details, make sure you have ongoing campaigns for them through emails, WhatsApp, SMS, through your blogs, website, and social media to connect with them. Try understanding and addressed their questions, their queries through videos, posts, text try to engage them. See if they connect with you. I’m sure if you are addressing their questions they will connect with you.

3) To Remain Consistent:
This is where your values are very important. Because sometimes what happens is to address a specific review or negative feedback, we tend to sugar quote or some of the words and compromise on values when responding to it. Whereas similar issue with some days later we may be very forthright and maybe be really sticking to our values when we are responding back. This becomes inconsistent.
Make sure your values are always consistent when responding or interacting with customers. Unless that happens customers will not trust and customers are very very smart. There really and immediately understand that there’s inconsistency and that trust cannot happen.
To remain consistent with your values remain consistent with your views. And you will see customers will slowly start building that trust figure.

So those are my 3 ways of enhancing your reputation online.
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