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Follow 5 Stage SEO Process To Improve Website Visibility On Search

Follow 5 Stage SEO Process To Improve Website Visibility On Search

In this #TechKnow Session Parveen explains, what are the SEO tips to improve website visibility in 2019?

Instead of Tips, suggest a process – Focus 90% on your website’s health.
Universal principles never change – Health is Wealth. If you are fit and agile, you will be able to achieve much more. This rule will never change – not in 2019 or 3019 or 4019.

  1. Start with a complete Website SEO Audit for your website. This audit needs to be based on your Key Performance Indicators e.g. conversions, traffic, rankings – depending on your business goals. Make sure the audit is very well documented and defines benchmarks for existing and desired metrics to measure along the way
  2. Follow it up with a Website Fixing program. This should cover all critical and general corrections as documented in the SEO audit in a prioritized manner. Evaluate corrections and ensure correct documentation
  3. Define a 3-Month or 100-Day Follow up Program to review the site again to verify set benchmarks and goals are being met
  4. Move to the Promotion Program Audit – i.e. all external promotional elements like Social Media, Paid and Organic marketing, External SEO, etc. Goal oriented audit with documented benchmarks and goals
  5. Set up reviews every 100 days to evaluate results and keep adapting.

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