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QuickTalkWithAmod Demystifying SEO Myths Of SMB Owners When Talking To Digital Marketing Agencies

Over the years talking to clients on their SEO projects and it’s been really fascinating to see typical & similar questions coming up in most sales calls.

Question1: I have started my website a year ago, but this competitor of mine is doing roaring business online or this brand company just in the same market wow they have got such a amazing online presence and I want to reach there. How can I do that?

Answer: I think I would really want to appreciate the client’s vision to be able to reach that brand or the competitor.

However, we also need to really understand the kind of effort that has gone into making it a brand or on taking the competitor to that level where they are roaring business.

It’s been a very carefully drafted marketing plans that have implemented not for 1 2 5 but 6 10 years that has got them to this place. In some cases, brands may fast track it by pumping into paid advertising funds & get their brand up very fast.

If that’s your vision, it can be planned that way as well. If you really want to grow organically with lesser resources. Then there is absolutely no second route than to really plan your campaigns well & keep building it organically to the level that you can establish yourself as a brand in the market. And make no mistake it is possible it just needs courage as well and the vision to early-stage yourself to become the online brand.

Question 2: Amod, I have worked with 1, 2 or 3 SEO agencies in the past and I have absolutely zero output & that’s why I’m very skeptical even talking to you.

Answer: This has happened because of the issues from both sides

a) Customer side since the vision not clear & unaware of how to plan it correctly.

b) At the agency’s side, they were not sure of how they would want to grow or not clear on the strategy not doing enough homework on the business to be promoted. And therefore they just offer standard packages X Y and Z. No, it’s no work. As a customer, if you are looking for such kind of packages no matter how many numbers of agencies you work with it will not work. We will have to find agencies that would understand your business, your vision is and then create a joint marketing plan to stage your growth.

Make no mistake you will have to put in the investments needed and therefore you can start small and scale according to your vision. This would be the right way to go about it. Rather than losing time, effort, cost working with agencies packaged deals and it’s your business that’s going to suffer because losing time, the money, etc. Money can be acquired again, but a time that’s lost in a dynamic marketplace like this can be a big loss. Hence the suggestion would be trying to find agencies who really understand your business and able to stage-wise take you to the next level.

Question3: Amod, I am able to understand your line of thought and really agree with approaches staging it to reach the next level. But, because I’ve got a bad experience & not really sure how this is going to go. Can I pay you at a later stage?

Answer: Well if this question has arisen, I think my approach or the way I’ve explained to you had actually not reached you. Because if you are convinced that the approach that was planned for you by understanding your business by staging it to the next level, this question wouldn’t have arisen. You have to be very clear that OK this is the way to go, this is the kind of investments needed to move to the next level and then you can plan it that way.

So commitments in terms of investments are equally important when you are starting out. Of course you can definitely work out modalities in such a way to ensure that the cash flows are not disturbed you can break down the payments in parts perfectly fine so as long as it suits both teams it’s perfectly fine. This is exactly where both teams need to work together. So they can tell each other constraints and work out a model wherein the money moves between the two teams based on how things progress perfectly fine.

But by saying that you would like to pay later it’s like you do not trust your agency.

And if you do not trust your agency results will not come no matter how great that agency is. Therefore show your trust in the agency you pick, make the investments, make a deal in such a way that it is comfortable for both. Slight risk at both ends. Start stage sees how things work and then you can really go on and on and track.

I hope I was able to help demystify some of the myths that exist in SMBs owner’s minds about SEO agencies and I’m sure there be many more.

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