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What Is Good For Your Website? Higher Or Lower Bounce Rate

What Is Good For Your Website? Higher Or Lower Bounce Rate

In this #TechKnow Session Parveen explains, What-is-Higher-or-Lower-Bounce-Rate?
Which-is-Better for your Website?

Bounce Rate is a highly misunderstood and misperceived metric.
The general belief is that lower the bounce rate, better the quality score of the page, website. Logically that’s correct – because it means – the user has continued to browse to another page of the site i.e. continuation of his session on the particular website.
When I started working on SEO way back in 2004, there was no concept of bounce rate at all. Getting users on our website was a big success and increased traffic meant Google gave your site a push in their rankings.

Things have dramatically changed after that. Until a few years ago, a 40% or lower bounce rate was considered great for any website.
ECommerce and Mobile changed that perception forever.
e.g.You have a one-page website where the visitor can review products and buy on the fly from your store. All the action including making the purchase happens on one page or at most another one which says “Thank You for Buying From Us” or “Thanks for Subscribing”.

What would be the bounce of the website now? 50% because everything happens on the one/two pages of the website. Are you complaining though?
No, as long as the user completes the desired action and closes the website. Right?

Bounce Rate is a good metric to measure user experience/flow on a website but “how much is too much” will depend on the intuitive nature of website you have developed, your website’s intended flow for the user and goals hit on the website page.

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