Online Saal Bhar Diwali Ghar Par...

Online Saal Bhar Diwali Ghar Par…

Saal Bhar Kya Kiya??
Online payments? Online food deals? Online messaging? Emails? Online Dating? Online Shopping? Online .. Online… Online !!

Ab Bas Ho Gaya !!!

Iss Diwali ko … Online Band Kar do!
Diwali Family Ke Saath Ghar Pe Manao …
Isliye keh rahe hain – Online Saal Bhar, Diwali Ghar Par!

Check out our five part social post series that highlights why “NOT” being online all the time can actually bring joy and happiness in your life?

Go Shopping with friends not apni dukaan…

Greeting card bhejo, app message nahi….

Mummy ke laddoos, no meals on deals…

Behna ko cash do, ATM mat karo….

Selfie with family, Smile please…

Brand Building Through Social Messaging

Initial brainstorm:
This festival marks the birth of the Lord Krishna. Line of thought was to depict his values and image as savior of the universe.

It was thought out that we should focus on Makhanchor (Butter thief) concept. The idea is to highlight naughtiness and activity among children to promote healthy life and relationships.

Since our brand is about security locks, the campaign focuses on accepting the “Good thieves” and locking out the criminals as preached by Lord Krishna.

Captions set:
1.No locking this Makhanchor
2. The only “Chor” we cannot lock away
3. When this “Chor” is around, you don’t lock your door…
4. Our locks secure your home door except from this “Chor”
5. Hurry, lock your doors…here comes the Makhanchor
6. Welcome Makhanchor, other “Chors” beware
7.मजबूत है ताला, मजबूत है डोर, लेकिन क्या करे जब आए माखनचोर

Social Post Samples:
Option #1
Welcome Makhanchor! Other Chors Beware…

DahiHandi #JaiShriKrishna #LordKrishna #Janmashtami #Krishna #LordKrishna #HareKrishna #India #God #KrishnaJanmashtami #Hindu #Festival #JaiShreeKrishna #Kanha #Janmashtami2019

Option #2
मजबूत है ताला, मजबूत है डोर
लेकिन क्या करे जब आए माखनचोर ?

DahiHandi #JaiShriKrishna #LordKrishna #Janmashtami #Krishna #LordKrishna #HareKrishna #India #God #KrishnaJanmashtami #Hindu #Festival #JaiShreeKrishna #Kanha #Janmashtami2019

Option #3
Hurry, lock your doors…here comes the Makhanchor

DahiHandi #JaiShriKrishna #LordKrishna #Janmashtami #Krishna #LordKrishna #HareKrishna #India #God #KrishnaJanmashtami #Hindu #Festival #JaiShreeKrishna #Kanha #Janmashtami2019

Option #4
Welcome Makhanchor! Other Chors Beware…

DahiHandi #JaiShriKrishna #LordKrishna #Janmashtami #Krishna #LordKrishna #HareKrishna #India #God #KrishnaJanmashtami #Hindu #Festival #JaiShreeKrishna #Kanha #Janmashtami2019

Social post published on 23rd August 2019 on all social platforms
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Indian market is ripe for online advertising disruption, says Criteo research

Indian market is ripe for online advertising disruption, says Criteo research

Key Insights:

  1. 49.4% of Indian survey participants stopped shopping from a brand that they were loyal to before because of poor customer service
  2. 83.3 % said YouTube helps them most to discover new brands
  3. 60.9% would try a new brand for the first time because it provides a discount that is personalized and relevant, and this also appears to be the best way to gain customer loyalty
  4. 44.4% strongly agree that their purchasing decision is affected by a company’s mission/values
  5. Customer service is still key as it is the main reason for remaining with a brand (62.3%), or for leaving if customer service is poor (49.4%)
  6. Consumers are least loyal to Groceries brands and are most loyal to Jewelry & Luxury Goods

The online shopping market in India holds tremendous potential as it has some of the largest consumer segments across each e-commerce category, and it is focused on innovation, research, and development, making it one of the leading e-commerce markets in the world. Advertising and technological advancements have led to better-personalized experiences as it allows the communication of hyper-personalized messages that resonate with the target customer.

Criteo, the advertising platform for the open Internet, unveiled the survey report titled ‘Why We Buy’.
The survey was conducted across 10 countries, with over 10,000 respondents split almost evenly over all countries. The report in respect of India highlights that 90% of Indian consumers are willing to consider a new brand across all the shopping/product categories, which is the highest compared with consumers from the other countries surveyed.

The report gave us insights into how consumers discover brands, with Omnichannel discovery on YouTube, Facebook and websites as the top channels – but they were far from being the only source. Relevance makes a difference- 66% of Indians like that online ads can help them in discovering new products, while 57% like online ads for reminding them of products they’re interested in, and 51% like that online ads offer discounts for products.

It has been phenomenal to witness the Indian consumer behavior and we are glad to share this on a larger platform for the benefit of the Indian advertising industry which has evolved from being a small-scale business to a full-fledged industry. It has been phenomenal to witness the advancements of technological innovation in advertising over the years. The shift of ad spending from traditional to digital media is happening at a rapid pace. The advertising and marketing sector in India is expected to enjoy a good run. Growth is expected in a retail advertisement, on the back of factors such as several players entering the food and beverages segment, e-commerce gaining more popularity in the country, and domestic companies testing out the waters”, Siddharth Dabhade, MD, Criteo India, said.

Source: Criteo

GudiPadwa2019 Mission- Empowering Women-Led Businesses For Growth and Online Branding

GudiPadwa2019 Mission- Empowering Women-Led Businesses For Growth and Online Branding

ZoomYourTraffic Wishes You a Happy Gudi Padwa. Our mission for this new year is to coach and support Women-led businesses to grow stronger and better online.

We are happy to be part of women-led businesses, helping them to make their business online successfully. Here are the names of women-led businesses running successfully online

What’s your mission? Write to us in comments or email us @

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ZoomYourTraffic Wishes You a Happy Gudi Padwa

Happy Gudi Padwa.

ZoomYourTraffic Wishes You a Happy Gudi Padwa.
May this New Year bring prosperity and success to your business.

Welcome 2019 – Can I Trust you? Can I Respect You?

Hey All,


Last week, I had a peculiar conversation with one of my friends in the US over WhatsApp. He is leading a big team at an IT blue chip corporation. He ran me through an amazing article by Amy Cuddy, a Harvard Business professor.

The 2 Things People Judge You On Immediately

She then goes on to explain the two questions people ask themselves when they meet you

  • Can I trust this person?
  • Can I respect this person?

Basically, warmth and competence is what they are trying to figure out. Pretty simple so far? Its gets interesting now.

The sequence is the first aspect. Warmth first, competence next.

We are living in a world where we go crazy showcasing our competence to look smart, intelligent and the boss!

Little do we know that all people are looking for in you initially is your warmth and trustworthiness. Can you be a trusted company is on top of their mind.

Competence follows Trust. Not the other way round (as widely believed).

We decided to investigate this further and ran a small experiment.

  1. We divided all external communications (existing customers and prospects) into control groups.
  2. For Group A – our interventions began with genuine “warmth” based interactions followed by the “competence” showcase
  3. For Group B – this was reversed.
  4. We started recording these meetings for insights and inputs.
  5. After 20 such interactions each, we decided to review the entire process.
  6. We were absolutely stunned to see the results.
  7. From Group A – we had 15 positive interventions where most customers showed inclination to associate in some form or the other
  8. From Group B – we had just 3 positive interventions where customers wanted to associate.
  9. We handpicked 3 from each group and I personally had a session with each one of them to establish reasons.
  10. Group A members said they felt an instant connect to know more about us because we came across as passionate and eager to help rather than as transactional. Interactions like “Tell me more about this?”, “How can we arrive at a win-win situation?” and “Can you implement this idea for me?” were prevalent here.
  11. Group B members said they felt awkward taking the discussion forward since it was talking about project goals and milestones. Some of them just snapped up discussions with statements like “We’ll let you know”, “Let me think it over and come back to you”, “Not interested at the moment”

Do you think this is powerful way to connect and engage with people? What has been your experience? Feel free to share your thoughts and inputs.

In this “tech” world, gadgets are already smart enough to take care of most of your things. The standout factor is your value system and we should look to strengthen that to the core in building a cohesive and connected global community.

Does that mean that mediocrity can prevail through warmth or being compassionate?

Absolutely not. Absolutely never. Competence is an absolute must but that alone will not ensure successful collaborations, associations and interventions.

Our message for 2019 – Spread warmth around the community and your competence will naturally shine through!

Happy New Year once again!!

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Get My Online Marketing Going … Bappa

I was in office working with my team on strategy for various customers for the upcoming festival season.

Just then, my phone rang.

“Hi Amod, How are you doing?”, I immediately realized the voice of Mr. T (we had met in Lonavala 4 weeks ago)

“Doing great Mr. T. How are you doing?” I greeted.

“Doing good but need your help with my online business considering the festival season is round the corner”, he said.

“Sure, since yours is an online B2C business (Home Decor and Improvement) – this is indeed THE season for you.” I confirmed.

“Yes, but with this complex, crowded and competitive marketplace – its becoming difficult to position and market effectively. The last two years, our online campaigns actually lost money.” he wailed.

“I understand your concern. This is a general feeling all around the market and that’s why we need to be smarter with our promotions (applies to your offline marketing too)” I started, “did you check my article 5 Bits to Get Your Business Going Online This Festival Season?

“Not really. Whats it about?” he questioned.

“I suggest you read it and then we can talk again.” I continued, “In the meanwhile, I’d like to review some of your marketing efforts from earlier. Do you some handy stats?”

“Can you send me an email with what you are looking for?” he questioned.

“Mr. T – sorry to say – but this question tells me your online tracking and measurement system is either not in place or unorganized” I raised my concern.

“What do you mean?” he retorted

“You have your sales and accounting stats on your finger tips? You have your inventory numbers at the click of a button? You can talk me through your balance sheet at 2:00 am in the morning when half asleep?”

(Laughter) “Yes, I breathe these … “ he said confidently.

“We’ll need to create the same culture and understanding when it comes to online business marketing. We need to have a system where we get answers to key questions at one place, at any given time. Make sense”, I stated.

“Certainly does. Actually, since I am not very sure how to look up these stats is where I feel uncomfortable or uncertain when marketing online… “ he mentioned his concern.

“Absolutely, this is the case with 80% SMBs. Once we build the right system to track, measure, evaluate and project goals – this would be an effective business system. You can take innovative and intelligent decisions based on the numbers and feel more in control…” I explained.

“So, lets build it.”

“Three areas – where there has to be readiness to build this system” I emphasized

  • Believe that this thing works
  • Know what works/doesn’t work for you
  • Understand the long term game

Believe that this thing works

Online is generally looked upon as “just another channel” or “also rans” activity for most businesses.

This perception needs a change. Business owners need to believe that (if done the right way) online is the way forward for the industry.

If you don’t do it, some else will and disrupt your market big time. E.g. Amazon/Flipkart disrupted retail, Jio disrupted telecom through innovation and power of online.

If you do the same, you can lead your marketplace big time. Dont follow the herd mentality (60% businesses fall to this trap and suffer).

The beauty is that Online is the same for everyone. There is no bias between brands and start-ups here.

Take advantage of online to build your business online.

Know what works/doesn’t work for you

Another aspect that is grossly misunderstood that everything under the online sun is our playground for marketing.

Every business wants to have a website, blogs, social media, apps, forums, listings, etc.

Two problems with this approach:

  1. Positioning your brand incorrectly will lead to junk traffic, leads and sales disappointments
  2. Management of online profiles on a day-to-day basis is no mean task – let alone tracking and evaluating performance.

Question: How do you know your social or online management is problematic?

Hint: Check for the last published article/content piece date on your social media/blog, etc. You will get your answers.

Hence, understand and establish what is working for you online. Take the right path.

Don’t throw your weight everywhere. Throw where it counts. It will save you a fortune.

Understand the long term game

Just like you, we are receiving many requests for online campaigns/promotions for the coming festival season.

However, unless there is a sound footing, the results will be unsatisfactory and overburdening.

Therefore plan for the long term and you will see results.

Belief, Patience and Strategy are keywords here.” I concluded with a bang.

“Can we meet up to discuss this further?

I see value in your thoughts but would definitely need to know a few more things to plan this out for my business” Mr. T inquired.

“Yes of course, Mr. T, lets meetup this weekend at the Snooker Club? A few of our other business friends would be joining us too.” I suggested.

“Great. See you then.” Mr. T was happy

“You have some homework to do – watch the article and my FAQ videos on LinkedIn/YouTube plus get me stats from your campaign. I am going to ask you some questions there”, I made my point.

“Yes, Master ji .. will be ready” Mr. T with a hearty laugh….

“And the Ganesh Festival begins this week – so let’s take his blessings and get started.”

“Ganpati Bappa Moraya ….” both of us jointly chanted to seek the Lord’s blessings