Money Keyword in SEO

Money Keywords In SEO – What Are These And How To Identify Paying Visitors?


What are the money keywords in SEO?


Below is brief about the answer to the question.For detail explanation please watch the video.

Any keyword that generates a relevant click through to your page is a money keyword.

This is in opposition to popular belief that keywords that are highly searched are the money keywords. This may be true for some business domains/verticals.

However, the real game is not bringing in traffic to the website, but to get them to pay for your service or inquire for a future purchase. That is where money changes hands and hence always keep a watch on keywords that bring “relevant traffic” as opposed to “a ton of traffic” to your website.

Example: “latest iPhone X ” may generate a ton of traffic for my iPhone franchise website but am not sure why that search was fired for – did the visitor want to know features or wanted to compare with older versions or wanted to buy that phone. I will get mixed traffic although a lot of it.

Instead, if someone fires in “exchange offer for iPhone X” – does that ring a bell? Does it clearly tell that the visitor is looking for options to buy (rather exchange his phone for another one) – this is money and hence a money keyword? This may have lower traffic volume but highly relevant and targeted.

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