How Google Adwords Turned Around Business For This Dentistry?

July 2013 – January 2017

When the general manager of Expressions Dental Clinic in Calgary, Canada called us up in early July 2013, he was a worried man. His role was to keep the dentistry occupancy rate at 80% of the time. He was trying everything from Offline (Newspaper, Hoardings, Radio, etc) to Online (Facebook and Adwords, SEO, etc) but the best he was able to achieve was around 45% occupancy. He had received an ultimatum of 6 months to turn things around or pack bags. Simple.

The situation was challenging indeed. There was competition creeping up and being a specialty clinic, their services were not common and hence expensive. Most importantly, the Canada Dentist Association had strict guidelines for not over promoting. They would pull up companies and ban them from the association if found guilty. Therefore, rough waters awaited us.

We were up to the challenge though. A careful audience analysis and mini survey helped us understand our targeted customer segment and their sentiments when needing dentist help. “Emergency Services” became our focus point. This was the main area where Expressions Dental had an edge over their competition.

All campaigns were realigned, budgets were correctly aligned, the tracking mechanism was set up and tracked closely. Customer feedback were closely analyzed to improve user experience at the clinic, offerings were tweaked to improve conversion rates, educational videos and improved web experience was developed to build user connect and a lot more… Basically, the entire business cycle was revamped, not just the sales cycle. We knew it had to be done that way (considering the nature of this business domain).

Within 6 months, we were able to push the occupancy rate to over 60% and that built confidence in the management. Over the next 18 month period, we kept tuning campaigns that took occupancy rates to over 84% and that too at reduced costs (especially through Adwords based on search relevancy and intent).

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