Online Retail – Promotion to Delivery Tracking On Auto-Mode

Jul 2012 – Present

Charlles connected with our sales team when he saw our YouTube videos on SEO and online marketing. He was our first business client through Video marketing channel. He needed a strategy that would help him get out his patented ozone based cleaning machines to consumers across USA so he could spend his time in research and developing new products.

ZYT carefully studied his business model, his targeted customer audience, performed a SWOT on this model, competition analysis (and there was quite a bit of it) and developed an engagement approach to
a. Educate Customer
b. Feedback Channel to resolve their queries/questions/doubts/concerns
c. Easy Design to encourage winning buying decisions.
d. Share stories with friends who become referrals for Charlles

Aspects of ecommerce ecosystems were carefully studied
1. Tech: Server config. and security, HTTPS, SSL, Payment Gateway
2. Engagement: User behaviour, actionable points, flow on the website, analytics
3. Business aspects like pricing placement, comparisons, testimonials, etc.

A Membership area for customers to come back and feel the ownership and track their buying history in addition to benefits like discount coupons, exchange offers, etc.

The UPS tracker module helps them track their order from website right upto last mile delivery to ensure safe and guaranteed deliveries (a major issue with online retail, especially with high ticket items).

Promotion channels were:
A. Youtube as the educator channel (we have over 1000 videos of Charlles talking about his products, educating them, talking to real customers – all optimized for search and traffic engagement)
B. Google Adwords: Paid marketing helped push immediate sales but most importantly, it helped us get feedback from buyers to keep improving our services and their experience with us.
C. Emailers: Customer connect generates a lot of repeat business.

And the show goes on seamlessly and Charlles happy inventing his new stuff!

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