Segmented Marketing For Auto Spares

December 2017 – March 2018

Like most B2C retail websites trying to grow business, the Spares team met us and wanted us to get started with social, google, blogs, paid ads and everything possible. The objective? Generate visibility and online sales!

Our approach, as usual, was unusual :)
ZYT carefully studied their business model of associates (wholesale customers like garages, service centers, etc) and buyers (direct vehicle owners and corporate).

Audience Bifurcated at 3 levels

A. Garage owners – Not online (Mobile and WhatsApp enabled, regional language talking and working on the phone-pe-order psychology for years)
Approach Defined:
Connect via Mobile (SMS) and WhatsApp to get them engaged. Enable channels for them to talk via mobile and Whatsapp. Groom them to visit the web, register as buyer and start transacting by educating them on benefits of online purchase. This was a 6-8 month timeline action plan before rolling out a sales oriented roadmap.

B. Sophisticated Individual Buyers – These are vehicle owners, extremely net savvy and ability to search for exact requirements, brand conscious and ability to pay for value and quality
Approach Defined:
Engage them through all possible online media to provide solutions to their problems, engage them through video content, answer questions, get them to contribute and show offers to make purchases. This was an on-going plan to generate sales via website.

C. Corporate Buyers – These are big warehouses, high-end service hubs and brand centers.
Approach Defined:
Offline and online – setting up meetings, engaging presentations, build connect and showcase reliability, scalability capabilities for long term agreements.

The response to these campaigns spoke for themselves – optimized efforts and costs for sales teams, targeted approach meant higher engagement and quick responses ultimately leading to desired conversions. The cycle continues. Currently evaluating cost and revenue metrics to implement new ideas for promotion and marketing.

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