Mission Diabetes Free India – Dr. Ravindra Nandedkar – Event Promotion

November 2017 – February 2018
7th April 2019

Dr. Nandedkar is an eminent diabetes specialist doctor based in Pune. In spite of being blind, his work in the field for diabetes cure and prevention has been exemplary over the years. Their Aarogya Pratisthan invited us to meet them at their office one day. “Dr Saheb”, as we fondly refer to him, explained his vision and upcoming programs for improving diabetes awareness across the society. He pushed us to be part of their program. We created an architecture to promote their diabetes events, camps and seminars – online.

The three month program included:

  • Creation of social presence for the organization
  • 2 events (Blood sugar checkup camps in rural India) were planned for execution – offline and online
  • Around 300 volunteers were to be deployed at these camps. They were to report their activities through various channels: Social media and a proprietary App developed for this program.
  • ZYT devised the full calendar for this program to put out
  • Training volunteers to use understand and use social media
  • Guidelines for Dos and Donts for LIVE events when online
  • Notes for hashtags, content to be posted along with event videos, pictures, stats for higher reach and visibility
  • Tracker mechanism set for tracking performance from various camps
  • Evaluate posts daily – delete ethusiastic ones, keep the relevant ones and update volunteers on their post score.

Experience on Actual Checkup Day

  • Our team in office was in direct connect with all volunteers via WhatsApp/SMS/Email for hourly updates
  • Content was posted as drafts by volunteers, our team evaluated and published per defined guidelines.
  • Response was terrific and volunteers’ participation was evaluated based on number and quality of posts

A combination of paid and organic promotion yielded super results – reach, engagement and signups for future camps and purchase of medical cards promoted by the company.

Videos from the event:
Free Mega Blood Sugar Check Up Camp from JCI kaimganj Greater UP
Free Mega Blood Sugar Check Up Camp from JCI Raighrh
• Free Mega Blood Sugar Check Up Camp from JCI Gwalior

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