Helping Social Causes Via Social Web

Apr 2015 – Present

There are numerous organizations working for the betterment of our society through education and reaching out to places where education is a distant dream. QUEST is one such organization based in Wada, Mumbai. We have been associated with it and its founding team for many years for their educational projects – offline. Books, games, art work and a lot more.

It was time QUEST went online and achieve global reach to attract donations and investments in their projects. Thus started ZYT association as online partner for all web related ventures. We are working on two of their programs – Shikshak (a teacher education program – and Palavee (formerly Ankur, the early childhood education program – http://www,

The approach is simple:
1. Develop online strategy for the program to reach desired audiences and enable for web
2. Coach and guide young QUEST administrators and associates to manage the web presence all by themselves saving a lot of outsourcing costs.
3. Provide analytics and strategic guidance for content creation and online organization.

It has worked wonderfully for the past 3 years and continues to do so .. new programs coming up.

Feels great when such organizations get visibility and desired response for their projects and vision.

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